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A lot. There is no way of knowing unless you count them yourself and that might take awhile.

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Q: How many times does kagome say sit boy?
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What inuyasha episode did kagome say sit 16 times?

in episode 109

Does kagome hate kikyo?

Some say no and some say yes, but the truth is that Kikyo took some life force out of Kagome to survive herself. Kikyo has attempted many times to kill Kagome, although when Kikyo was dying by drowning in a pool of miasma, it was Kagome who saved her by risking her own life and Kikyo walked away without thanking her. So I would say yes, due to the fact that Kikyo is always trying to kill her, regardless that Kagome is her reincarnation. ~Yes, Kikyo hates her.~ And kagome saved kikyo from the priestess sealier, without kagome there her souls would be dryed up and she will die again!!

Does kagome ever say i love you?

kagome does say she loves inuyasha just not to him. she yells it in episode 126 and inuyasha saves her but he doesn't hear it

How many times a 22 year old boy should mastrubate a day?

sorry to say it but at 22 you're not a boy

Is sango older than kagome?

many say Sango's the same age, but she's actually a year older; 16. At the end of the manga, 3 years pass and kagome graduated from high school and dropped out to stay with inuyasha and the others in fuedal Japan. Sango is then 19 and has three children with Miroku, Kagome now being 18

Is kagome prettier than kikyo?

yeah, i guess you could say kagomes pretty. she's a lot prettier than kikyo i would say. i mean they kinda look a like but anyone who says theyre twins is insane. kikyos cold hearted, and i would never compare kagome and kikyo since theyre like arch enemys and kikyo trys to kill kagome to go out with inuyasha. oops, i forgot this question was is kagome pretty. well, yes, very.

Which epidose did it say that inuyasha and kagome having kids?

They don't have kids in the episode but they do get get married

Who does Inuysha loves?

i think he loves kagome. (DIFERENT ANSWER FROM DIFFERENT PERSON) inuyasha says he's in love with kikiyo, but if you ask me he loves kagome he either won't admit it or he doesn't know, i say he LIKES kikiyo but LOVES kagome he just doesn't know it yet ^_~

How many guys fall in lovr with kagome?

I can think of 4. Feudal Hojo, Modern Hojo, Koga, and InuYasha. I know for a fact InuYasha and Koga love Kagome, otherwise they wouldn't fight over her all the time when those two are together. ~Shudder~ It gets pretty bad when they fight...threats, violence, etc. I know Hojo from Modern times LIKES her but I'm not sure that he is in love with her....but I am certain that Feudal Hojo loves Kagome, and we can't say Miroku because he loves every pretty girl he meets.

Do Inuyasha and kagome have a family?

In the manga, it shows Sango and Miroku has having two twins girls and an infant son while Kagome and Inuyasha say they're just living with each other. At the very end, Kagome calls Sesshomaru "brother-in-law," so it's assumed Inuyasha and Kagome are married, but nothing substantial about their future is revealed.

Where does it say that Inuyasha and Kagome get married?

In the last manga i believe. That's wat ive heard....

What episodes does inuyasha say he won't leave kagome ever again?

i think 48 and 126