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age hours

newborns ( 0-2 months ) 12-18 hours

infants ( 3 - 11 mo 14-15 hours

toddlers ( 1-3 years ) 12-14 hours

preschoolers ( 3-5 years ) 11-13 hours

school - age - children ( 5-10 years ) 10-11 hours

teens ( 10-17 years ) 8.5-9.25 hours

adults 7-9 hours

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7-9 hours of sleep

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Q: How many hours of sleep does a nine year old need?
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How many hours of sleep do you need before diving?


How many hours of sleep does a nine year old girl need?

Minimum 6 hours sleep in a day is good for nine year old girl's health.

How many hours sleep do children need?

Children and Preteens need atleast 8 hours of sleep each night. That adds up to 56 hours of sleep a week!10 or 11 is the ideal amount, adults should get at least 8 for a healthy body. sleep deprivation can harm you in many ways. (:

How much sleep does an average teenager need?

nine to ten hours of sleep, due to puberty and raging hormones.

How many hours of sleep does a 9 year old girl need to sleep?

uhh, for your information, you should go to the nine year old girl and ask her " how much do you need to sleep" I think tht will help . wow, you have to think, well how much do YOU need to sleep. & then come to a nine year old girl. cuz duh EVERYONE needs to sleep for like 8 till 9 hours. THINK NEXT TIME !! sholoon khara

How many hours of sleep should a 9 year old be getting?

A nine year should be getting 9-12 hours of sleep.

How many hours a 12 year old should sleep?

At least nine hours per night, and nine and a half is reasonable, as well.

How many hours of sleep should a 14 year old get?

Eight or nine hours each night.

How many hours did people sleep in 1900?

People in the 1900s slept an average of nine hours a night. In the 1970s the average amount of sleep was down to seven hours.

How many hours sleep does an 11 year old boy need who plays football for 2 hours 3 nights a week?

someone who is 11 years of age should get 9.6 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy to prepare for becoming a teen nine to ten hours

How much sleep a nine year old get?

nine hours at the least

How much we sleep?

While sleep requirements vary slightly from person to person, most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per night to function at their best. Children and teens need even more. And despite the notion that our sleep needs decrease with age, most older people still need at least seven hours of sleep.