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Family can effect body image because if your family gives you negative feedback about your body, you can be insecure with how you look and you'll start to try harder and harder to try improve your body even though its perfect.

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Directly, by genetics. Indirectly by: food choices (children are likely to mirror the food choices of their parents). By how much/how little they worry about their own health. By influencing the perception of how alcohol should be consumed (e.g frequently, by the box, or in small quantities at dinner). By whether they smoke or not (children of smokers are much more likely to smoke). By whether they nag you about taking better care of your own health. By how much exercise they take.

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If one is ill through not fault of one's own, this will put a strain on the family but love will pull the family together to help in most instances.

Where the problem is substance abuse, this has a devastating effect on family life (because in the end the person causing the problem is doing so out of choice) and collateral violence can destroy the family.

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Q: How does you family influence your health?
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