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well where i live the social health influence i think they do take care about their people social influence i can believe something we really have to take and spirit health where your going with

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Q: Does social health influence spiritual health?
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What is the dimension of heath?

Physical health, intellectual health, emotional health, spiritual health and social health

What are five components of wellness?

social health, phisycal health, spiritual health, mental health, emotional health

Explain social health influence physical health?

If you have social health, it might want you to get in better shape. i learned that from my health textbook.

What are the dimensions of health?

There are seven dimensions of health. These dimensions include occupational health, emotional health, spiritual health, intellectual or mental health, social health, environmental health, as well as physical health.

What is physical intellectual social emotional and spiritual fitness called?


What are the four components of health?

Emotional physical social mental and spiritual

What is the definition of Social Health and Spiritual Health?

Social Health is a component of health that pertains in your relationship with one another, every person you meet, or keeping up with your friends. Spiritual Health is all about keeping not only your body and mind, but also your spirit, beliefs, and purposes in life in good shape.

What if your social environment can influence your health through what?

Your social environment can influence your health through factors like social support, access to resources, and exposure to stressors. Positive social connections can promote wellbeing and reduce the risk of health problems, while negative relationships or environments can contribute to mental and physical health issues. Additionally, social factors can influence behaviors such as smoking, diet, and physical activity, which in turn impact health outcomes.

What are the examples of the 5 demensions of health?

emotional social intellectual spiritual physical

State of being that includes physical intellectual social emotional and spiritual health?


Give example for every dimension of health?

social intellectual spiritual physical emotional

What are the elements of personal health?

physical, psychological, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental