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You legs go numb, when your blood is either, not reaching your numbed part of the body, or your blood circulation has been cut of for at least 30 seconds.

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Q: How do your legs go numb?
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What causes both legs to go numb?

Usually if you sit on them or you have them in unusaul positions for too long, you may get pins & needles and that causes your legs to go numb!

Why does your foot legs go numb?

it means ur stupid

Why would you're arms and legs go numb?

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Why does your legs feel numb?

There are a variety of reasons why someone's legs may feel numb. It may be due to decrease in blood flow to the legs, nerve damage, restless legs, diabetes, etc. The best idea is to go see your primary care provider and have it checked out.

Why do your arms and legs go numb when you cut off the circulation?

There is no blood flow in that area.

Why do my legs get numb and not able to stand?

If you are finding that your legs get so numb that you are unable to stand, you should see a doctor. It is normal to get numb legs from sitting for long periods of time but you should be able to stand up.

What would cause both legs to go completely numb when sitting?

blood rushes to your legs and you lose circulation of blood throughout the body

What would cause legs to be cold and numb?

lack of bloodflow to your legs

What does it mean my legs hurt thet feel very light and sometimes they go numb?

See your doctor.

Why do your legs go numb when you wear your marching band bass drum?

you cut off the blood supply to your legs- position the drum just a bit differently!

What causes fingertips and legs to be numb?

if you tie a rubber band around them

What happens when your legs fall asleep?

The get numb That causes u not to move them

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