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A person's habits and choices are closely related to their ability to manage their health and stress. For instance, if a person decides to smoke, drink, and not sleep enough, their health will suffer and they will be more stressed out.

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Q: How do your habits and choices relate to your physical health and your ability to manage stress?
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Is physical health the ability to control and appropriately express feelings?

No, Its Emotional Health.

Describe office health?

to be aware of the physical responses your body has to your work procedures and habits.

Is it physical health and physical fitness are the same?

Fitness is your bodies ability to perform/exercise. Health is a MUCH broader subject.

What does physical health include?

Physical health is when your body is running as its meant to function. All factors including diet and exercising and your ability to fight viruses etc contribute to your physical health.

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What two types of physical fitness?

Motor-performance fitness is defined as the ability of the neuromuscular system to perform specific tasks. Health-related physical fitness is defined as fitness related to some aspect of health. This type of physical fitness is primarily influenced by an individual's exercise habits; thus, it is a dynamic state and may change. While you improve your physical fitness its always important to keep an eye on your body. Use the fitness monitors, BP Monitors, Health Monitors to stay safe while you work to improve your physical fitness

Which of these statements concerning midlife transition and women is correct?

Health style choices have more to do with physical capabilities and health than the aging process.

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physical fitness

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NO. They do not affect it. It is genetic so physical and mental health dose not affect it.

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- health - physical ability - temper/obedience -ability to perform desired task - condition (considering age)

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The answer is one of these choices: the alleviation and cure of disease improved mental health status interrelatedness of physical, mental, social well being the effect of physical illness on mental health