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No, Its Emotional Health.

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Q: Is physical health the ability to control and appropriately express feelings?
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Do marketers have the ability to control your desires?

No, marketers don't have the ability to control the emotions and feelings of people.

What is the ability to manage feelings?

The ability to manage feelings usually means that the person can control their feelings and not be controlled by their feelings. It can also apply to being able to recognize that their feelings on a situation may be biased or not accurate.

How all areas development are interconnected?

All aspects of child development are interconnected. e.g: a child's ability to learn new information is influenced by his ability to interact appropriately with others and his ability to control his immediate impulses.

What does it mean physical development?

physical development means the progress of a child's control over his body.This includes control over muscles,physical coordanation,ability to sit and stand

How do you do electrokinesis?

the psychic ability to control/generate electricity

What i the definition of physical development?

Physical development concentrate on the physical growth and the development of both gross(eg. Walking) and fine motor(eg. Finger movement) control of the body physical development means the progress of a child's control over his body.This includes control over muscles,physical coordanation,ability to sit and stand.These are the initial developments in a child's growth.

Which one of the Cullens can control other peoples emotions?

Edward Cullen has the ability to read minds and control others' emotions by manipulating his voice to influence their feelings.

What is motor control?

"Motor control" generally refers to the physical dexterity of a human or other animal. It is primarily affected by two things: Physical condition: general bone/muscle structure Mental condition: ability of the brain to interact with the muscle system. Typically divided into rapid motor control (ability to create rapid gestures that cause significant motion) and fine motor control (the maximum level of precision that can be achieved)

I need a list of mystical powers?

Some mystical powers include telekinesis (moving objects with the mind), precognition (seeing the future), teleportation (instantaneous travel), and shape-shifting (changing physical form). These abilities are often depicted in folklore, mythology, and fantasy stories.

Why do people not have telekinetic ability?

Because you can't really use your mind to control physical objects. But, I'm not totally sure, so.. Eh.

What are 3 aspects of balance?

Physical balance refers to the body's ability to maintain equilibrium and control its position. Emotional balance involves managing and regulating one's feelings and reactions to different situations. Work-life balance is about effectively prioritizing and managing time and energy between professional responsibilities and personal life.

Which part of your brain controls your feelings?

the part that control your feelings are your amygdala