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One Natural Method of Addressing Respiratory Ailments/ Infections

- Use a nebulizer in conjunction with Micro-Partical Colloidal Silver, or Food Grade H202, using Ellis Distilled (100x) water, as a carrier for both.

These two methods can be used for various issues, in varied quantity, duration, per daily basis, if required.

Both products have enormous impact on viral/bacterial/fungal pathogens.

It is well-known that CS will destroy over 650 known viruses, bacteria within 4-6 minutes contact time, invitro. H202 is well known to address bacterial pathogens, as well. Do the research. Both of these products should be kept on-hand for their many benefits and uses.

Micro-particle CS @ .0008 can penetrate cells and thus effectively destroy most pathogens that hide inside cells, including Mycoplasmas, which are now thought to be in 80% of Cancer victims and in 90% of NorthAmerican population by now.

Its been reported to have been introduced via the filtering systems at Vaccine manufacturing facilites, as per reports from Highly placed and regarded MD Researchers. ' -------- ' Mycoplasmas are considered to be a causal component of the Chronic Degenerative Diseases we are now experiencing in our society.

Inhalation therapy for respiratory benefit, can be realized using the above 2 components in various degrees and levels with little or no negative side-effects.

as per historical research and anecdotal information suggests.

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Q: How do you take care of the patients with respiratory ailments?
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