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One major contribution is as part of adolescence is the assertion and formation of their own persona independent of the family unit.

In short: They are building themselves out personality wise and attempting to differentiate themselves from the family unit.

e.g. Jenny is Jenny rather then Alice's daughter.

To mark that they tend to become assertive of their own individual self and test boundaries in that process. They tend to explore looking for pieces to their own identity that complete them. One week they are into the Goth movement and the next they are head bangers as they search for their own identity. It's like cooking without a cook book. You just keep mixing and matching until you get something that is "You". This process though can result in poor choices.

Another part is that while they are given more responsibilities in life they tend to not get any of the privileges that come with that and that can contribute to a sense of being "short changed"

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Because their brains still think in the mind of a kid, it's not fully done functioning as an adult so their desicions are not the best.

p.s - alot of sugar they have too.

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Cause that's the way the cookie crumbles

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Q: Why do teens get into trouble?
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