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This may sound harsh but get over it! You obviously aren't going anywhere relationship-wise with your crush, so try and keep yourself busy so you don't think about them. If you can, try and date some people so you won't be left at home thinking about your crush. Your problem has happened to me a few times so I know what it feels like. It will be hard to not think about them, but it is the right thing to do. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do you stop thinking about a crush whom you do not even have eye contact or a chance to meet any more?
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Is there a 100 percent chance that your crush might like you?

Of course not. There is not a 100% chance that your 'crush' even knows you

How do you know if a has a crush on you?

If a person has a crush on you, he/she will notice you. They can even ask for you number to stay in contact.

If i say a he's nice and he says same goes for you does he have a crush on me?

okay he said your nice, what's so big about that? you said it too. its a 50-50 chance. he does, or he doesn't. you can ask him. it's not that hard when you actually do it, even though thinking about it before can be nervous.

What does it mean to kiss your crush in a dream but the dream ends after the kiss?

It only means that your mind imagined a lovely experience for you to enjoy in the safe context of sleep. Your dreams illustrate your own emotions and desires, but they do not provide any information about what another person, even your crush, is thinking or feeling. This dream does not mean that your crush is thinking or dreaming about you.

What does it say about a person if they cry when even thinking about someone leaving them?

It means they should get over it if they are still crying it is probably a high school crush!

Should you pursue your crush if she is in an infamous religious group and officially cannot have any sexual activities?

If the "relationship" is only a crush neither person should even be thinking of sexual activity!! In addition, if you can't respect your crush's beliefs, then you should definitely move on.

How do you stop thinking about your ex-crush?

to stop thinking and wanting to go back to your ex-crush you need to do things like... 1. spend time with the girls 2. look for cute guys when you go to the mall or out to eat 3. just sit and think about all the reasons you even liked him and that will help you forget about him!!

Is there any chance i could be pregnant as me and my partner used a condom and the next day i came on my period?

Why are you even thinking about it? Of course you are not pregnant.

Should you kiss your best guy friend if he has a girlfriend but you have a crush on him?

No. Even if you think you guys have a chance of you being better for him, no. You never want to be the reason they break up do you?

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He is WAY to preoccupied with the prophecy to be thinking about kits! He still needs to be getting used to his actual parents and the lies even to be having a crush on anyone!

Is your crush still a crush even though it is already 6 years?

If you still like them its a crush but if you don't it isn't

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