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It means they should get over it if they are still crying it is probably a high school crush!

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Q: What does it say about a person if they cry when even thinking about someone leaving them?
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If you dream of someone does that person dream of you?

Not necessarily. Your dreams are normally a manifestation of what you has been on your mind. If that someone hasn't been thinking of you, s/he will not dream of you even if you dream of them.

Is it true that even when you dont go to sleep thinking about someone and you dream about them that they were thinking about you?

In such a case, I consider it much more likely that you think about that person unconsciously, and that this will surface while you are asleep.

What is the difference between thinking someone is cute and liking that person?

You can have a crush or be infatuated from afar with someone you don't know or even may know a little but when you feel you like someone you will like them as an individual and know them.

What happen if you stay with someone you don't love while you love someone else?

nothing will actually happen, but you will not be happy and neither will the person you are with because they will realise that connection is lost, but the person you love may not love you back, and if they dont you will be leaving the person who loves you for someone who doesn't even like you in that way.

How do you thank someone for there time?

ANSWER 1. just say when your leaving or the other person is leaving thanks for what ever you did its as simple as that! 2. unless it was for having sex then you say that was great even if it wasn't and then say thank you you where great done. By Keira Fitzpatrick

You are trying not to like this one guy but you keep thinking about him what do you do?

you probably should look for someone new flirt alittle maybe the person you though was so perfect isn't even close for when you find that new someone<3

Why is it that when a friend likes someone as soon as they tell you you start liking that person even more even if you didn't like them to begin with?

this has happened to me. but i think its just cause your friend likes that person you dont want to be left out and you automatically like that person as well, or maybe you just get to thinking about what it would be like to have that person around for you and you get jealous before your friend and her rush even get together.

What does it mean when i dream about a persin i don't care about?

There is no particular significance to this dream. It does NOT mean that the person was thinking or dreaming of you. The image of this person could represent someone else in your dream, or it might even symbolize some part of your own life.

Who would leave their husband on their anniversary?

A very very very angry person, who feels the person they are leaving has never understood how many of their needs have not been met in that relationship, despite trying over and over to explain or ask for change. This person has "had it", and is choosing to leave in a dramatic way, thinking, even though it is "over" perhaps the other person will finally, at least, "get it"...if that other person is you, your asking this question may very likely mean your significant other has made the best choice by leaving.

What does do someone mean?

It is an expression, meaning to harm someone or even murder.

What does it mean if you are constantly having dreams about someone?

That basically means that you either a) notice something about them that causes your brain to remember them, but you are not fully aware of, or b) there is just something about that person that you can't forget


If you love someone and you go your different ways then the person still in love can't forget until time heals and they are onto better things in their life. Eventually they will meet someone else that they fall in love with even though they may not feel they will ever be able to replace the one they love now. AnswerSometimes if you have met your soulmate or true love you will never stop thinking about him or her.