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okay he said your nice, what's so big about that? you said it too. its a 50-50 chance. he does, or he doesn't. you can ask him. it's not that hard when you actually do it, even though thinking about it before can be nervous.

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Q: If i say a he's nice and he says same goes for you does he have a crush on me?
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What does it mean when an ex crush says to you that you are very smart and interesting girl?

His nice way to move on from you yet still has feelings for you.

What does it mean when your crush says you're nice?

Sometimes, you shouldn't look past what they say. Most of the time, it has no hidden meaning. When your crush tells you that you're nice, they really mean that you, as a person, are nice. Or, you could look past that, and see if there's a second meaning. He/she may like you.

What does it mean when a girl blushes with you and says you are welcome at the same time?

She likes you(;

My crush like me?

if he looks @ u and smiles and says nice things than yes. i hope it works ou. good luck girlie

Why it isn't okay when you have a crush on your same sex bakit Hindi okay magkaroon ng crush sa kaparehas mong kasarian?

Honestly, I really don't know. Because there are different reasons! Other people says it's not nice in the public or in tagalog 'ang pangit tingnan sa public'. Or the religion. Some religion disallows the 'same sex' relationship. :)

A boy says he is not sure weather he has a crush you what do you do?

ask him if he has a crush on you!!! ask him if he has a crush on you!!!

Who is Martha link barrett?

a girl in ky and has a small crush on cameron barrett (thats what she says but i think he likes him more than she says she does) and goes to tfms with alison alvarado

what do you do when your crush says no?

Just Leave Them Alone And Find Another One Or Just impress them somehow Personally I don't think that method works. Try changing perspectives and instead LOOK for guys that are interested in you. Maybe you were to busy with your crush to realize a nice guy has a crush on you! ... Xoxo, Cutie

My crush sends me pictures of him and says what do you think then says that it wasn't meant for me what does that mean?

If your crush sends you pictures of him and says what do you think then says that it wasn't meant for you, it mean that he is thinking about you and he wants you.

What does it mean when you crush says you wear to much of the same color?

well at least you know that he notices you but he mite not like that color

Who does riku have a crush on?

It never says

Everyone says your crush is a troublemaker but he talks to you and is extremely nice unlike other troublemakers you know and you see the nice side of him what does this mean?

Im a guy and i know if he is a trouble maker but he's not around you and he shows you his "sweet side" then he likes you !!!