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if he smiles at you , ask you flirty things !

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2010-10-01 01:30:50
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Q: How can you tell if your doctor has a crush on you?
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What happens when you tell someone you have a crush on them?

they will probably tell you if they have a crush on you or if they don't

Why does your crush tell you their crush?

It's conversation. People like to tell things to their friends.

What do you tell a mom about a crush?

Mom I have a crush on ... and that's it

What can you say to your crush on Facebook?

Start off with saying i have something to tell you on chat. Then say Will you go out with me. There you go x Love from the Love Doctor

How can you tell when someone has a crush on you?

== ==

Do you tell your crush that you like him?

You should tell your crush you like him/her eventually or else, your crush might find someone else they like you'll be heartbroken.

How you tell your crush you like them?

Ask your friend to tell your crush that she heard a rumor that you like your crush. If your too shy to make your friend do this, ask your friend to say to your crush that she heard a rumor that your crush likes you. Then see what he/she says.

How do you tell your best friend about your crush?

Just tell them

What does it mean when someone says your crush likes you but your crush says that they like you as a friend?

believe the crush and when you. do tell your crush you like him or her

What should you do if your in the seventh grade and have a crush on a guy?

Tell him that you have a crush on him. Talk to him.

What would you say to your friend if her crush was moving away?

tell her that she needs to tell the crush how she feels about him. and be there for her if she doesnt tell him. that's just my opinion

Is it ok to tell your crush that you like him when your in the 7th grade?

Yeah you're old enough to tell your crush that you like him.

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