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think it just might be as a friend

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Q: I think my ex girlfriend likes me again but i cant tell if she likes me or likes me as a friend so how can i tell if she likes me?
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What can you do if the boy you like and he likes you back has a girlfriend that is your friend?

are you sure you want a guy that likes someone other then his girlfriend. lets say the guy and your friend break up and you and the guy get together then another one of your friend comes along and he likes her instead of you. how would you feel? i think you should tell your friend about it.

What do you do if you like your friend's girlfriend and you think she likes you too?

Do not do anything until they break up on their own.

How do you prompt a guy you think likes you to tell you he likes you?

If you have a friend who is a friend of him, ask the friend to ask him if he likes you.

How can i show to my friend girlfriend that i'm a kind person and makes her likes me?

Be true to yourself and show her that you are not what she think you are because in your you have to be the bigger person.

What to do when your ex best friend likes you again?

Do what you think is best for yourself. Go back and get hated again, or ignore her or him and keep your life as good as it is now

What should you do your friend broke up with his girfriend who you like and you think she likes you but they r fighting?

If the guy is actually a good friend i dont think he will mind if you go out with his ex-girlfriend, give it sometime dont go at it instantly.

Not ready for a girlfriend?

I think, I am ready but nobody likes me.

Should you tell her I am falling for one of my friends girlfriend. I think she likes me too. What should I do?

Well talk to your friend's gf see if she realy dose like you. if she dose get your friend to trust you and talk to him.

What does it mean when a guy called you his girl?

He likes you.. PS:it also means that your his girlfriend

What if your best friend is a boy and you once went out with him now you like him again and you think he likes you too what do you do?

Ask to see if he wants to go out with you again It's not rocket science

What if your best friend and you are not as close as you use to be and now you like he ex boyfriend and you think he likes you to but you don't know if you could do that to her what should you do?

Be boyfriend & girlfriend. Your friend shouldn't care because he is her OLD or EX boyfriend:-)

What do you do when a boy i like has a girlfriend but i think he likes me to?

That depends on how you feel.