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what are domias, sleeping pills? They dont work, if i do go to sleep it might be for an hour then im awake again

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Q: How can you make yourself sleep?
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How can you make yourself more attractive to your husband if he won't sleep with you?

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When you are put to sleep can you dream?

You can't make yourself dream, but you do dream every night. 30% of your sleep is dreaming, that's why you can't usually remember your dreams.

How do you get yourself to sleep?

If you are having trouble sleeping at night you can get yourself to sleep by drinking warm milk or chamomile tea

How do you make yourself want to go to sleep when your tired but too attached to the Internet to go to bed?

just watch the pics or videos of unhealthy people who are effected by less sleep.

Ways to make yourself have a better sleep at night?

get a soft pillow a thin blanket and sleep with a night light that only gives small amount of light. and before you sleep do something good that makes everyone happy

Is it normal to bite yourself in your sleep?


How can you stop rocking in your sleep?

Check out information about "Rhythmic Movement Disorder" at

How do you get yourself to not be sensitive to sounds in the morning so you can sleep in?

There are a variety of strategies that you can use. You can make yourself less sensitive by making yourself more sleepy, by the use of sleeping pills. You can make the sounds harder to hear, by using ear plugs or by using a white noise generator.

What is a good way to go to sleep fast?

Make sure the room is dark ..and you don t have to sleep if you are not feeling sleepy. Read yourself to sleep or a watch TV or a movie . ! For more advice on psychological issues contact

How do you make yourself more pretti?

You have to sleep early so your face will get chubby and eat more healthy food! Just try :)

Who do you sleep with?

yourself or get a teddy to snuggle up with

Could you force yourself to sleep walk?