Good comebacks when someone talks back?

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If somebody say like, "shut up" say "shut don't go up, prices do, so take my advice and shut up too." Or if your argueing with somebody, it drives them crazy when you go "mmhhmmm" like really sarcastically. or say, "ok Bob" or whoever it is.

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Q: Good comebacks when someone talks back?
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What do you do when someone talks to you?

Answer them? Talk back?

What to do if someone talks about you behind your back?

okay lets face it... everyone talks abt everyone, even you! so just ignore it! if that isn't good enough then talk to a parent, teacher, or friend about it.

What is a good comeback if someone calls you shorty?

just say " yeah im short, get over it, oh and by the way hows the weather up there". Im short and always have been and ive learnt its better to agree with them and make a joke about it that coming back with comebacks!

Husband talks about you behind your back?

If he talks good, then good. If he talks bad, then as they say... all's fair in love and war. Talking bad about one's own spouse is the same as talking bad about one's self. It should never be tolerated.

What are some snappy comebacks to a person that says guess what?

Your test results came back negative?

You like a girl but you are not sure if she likes you back what should you do please answer?

get a friend to ask but it should be someone that talks to both you and the girl

Is there a website where you talk to it and it talks back? That is a really good chat bot, but it is not always available.

What are some good comebacks that you can say to a friend that is spreading rumors about you?

Well the thing is if she spreads rumours about you, you should never do it back. First of, you just said that she was a friend, so I guess you wouldn't want to hurt her. So you talk to her about it. Maybe she misunderstood you, or she heard it from someone else, so Do as i say. I'm experienced in this.

How to tell if a friend talks about you behind your back?

ask another friend to find out and tell you, a good friend you know you can trust.

What If the guy doesn't talk to you much but when he does he makes fun of you?

Well confront him about it if not make fun of him back, think of some comebacks.

How do you give good comebacks?

Giving good comebacks is pretty hard to do. It takes plenty of practice and good timing, all you have to do is take the insult or mean thing a person says to and simply give it back. Example: person 1: "You're ugly!" person 2: "Wow, me? ugly? Look whos talking..." *A key point is stay calm and don't look hurt or insulted. Also keep a sly grin on your face and be sarcastic, it helps.

How do you know if parrot can talk?

it talks back to you

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