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At least my head anit square like yours!

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Q: What are some good comebacks for someone that has a square head?
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What a good comeback if your fat?

If someone calls you fat, a good comeback is 'I may be fat, but you're ugly, at least I can diet!' though, the best comebacks are said in your head. If you say it in ur head, u get the satisfaction of knowing more than the bully and will normally smile. Bully's hate that and after a while will probably get bored and stop.

Can someone stick a head up someone elses ass?

Yes, with a lot of lube. Good luck getting it out and if you do get your head out then congratulations, you have been scared for life by the anus!

How do you punch someone square in the face?

Although the head is somewhat irregular in shape meaning it's not a perfect oval, circle or even a square for that matter; however, if one were to visualize a square with the person's face in it by hitting them smack in the middle or square in the face as you said earlier. It can be inferred that you just hit someone square in the face.

What are phonebooks good for?

There definatly not good for findings some ones number. You should try hitting someone in the head with it.

What does a head for numbers mean?

Someone who has 'a head for numbers', is very good with numbers, math, calculations, remembering number sequences, etc.

When was Head House Square created?

Head House Square was created in 1775.

Good comebacks to say to your brother?

your birth certifiate is just an apology from the condom company ;D <3 mikii

What a good way to help someone attack someone with a snowball?

Each person go on one side of the person and dump the snowball on their head

Comebacks ween someone calls you a girl?

I am going to presume you are a guy.Well you could say " thanks for telling me what gender you are"Or um i dunno anything that comes to you head that's really the only way to do it getting angry at them only gives them satisfaction so don't get angry and if they get pissed and try to hit you kick there ass

What is a good present to give to someone who likes to hunt for Christmas?

a knife or an bowenarrow OR a deer's head (a furniture )

What would happen if you shoot someone in the head with a bb gun?

That would not be good, so don't try it.

What does the idiom give someone his head mean?

If you had your head handed to you by someone, that someone figuratively cut it off with his/her words.The question was "give someone his head" not "hand someone their head." To give someone his head means to allow them to do what they want to do. The image is from horse-riding, where you loosen the reins and "give" the horse control over his head, which allows the horse to speed up as it wants to do.