Feeling sorry for someone

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I feel sorry that you had to lie to your wife that you could not share the joy of your sucess with her because you never knew if the marraige would last. It lasted 25 wonderful years and if you were honest with her you would still be married now. She would of understood everything you never gave her a honest chance. Why would you feel sorry now, you are remarried and act like she is dead. You have no guilt to what you have done to her. You are not that person she feel in love with at lakeview ballroom in mendon. You will always live with the pain you have caused to her from all your lies. Why would you ever marry her in the first place if you were not to become one. She trusted and loved you with all of her heart. I feel sorry you let such a good thing go over money. May you find what you are looking for from life with your new wife. I wish you no harm god sees it all.

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Q: Feeling sorry for someone
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The similarities between sympathy and empathy?

Empathy is understanding what someone is going thru and feeling sorry for them and sympathy is just feeling sorry for someone.

If you tell someone your sorry and they tell you the feeling is mutual What does that mean?

It means they feel the same- they're sorry too.

Based on the emotion of feeling sorry for someone which drives us to a position on an unrelated matter?

argument from pity

When was Feeling Sorry for Celia created?

Feeling Sorry for Celia was created in 2000.

What is to have sympathy for someone called?

Hello, Feeling sympathy for someone is feeling pity or feeling sorry for someone's misfortune. In other words feeling bad for something that happens to a person. Empathy, however, is when you understand and feel how another person feels based on their situation. It is similar to putting yourself in their shoes, and really understanding how it feels.

How will you know if you love someone?

It is a very special feeling, i am sorry but i can not describe it but really you feel special around them and stuff

What is the feeling you get when the guy you like is dating someone else?

jealousy...just plain old fashioned jealousy...sorry

Would you tell someone you feel sorry for them if you were being empathetic?

Empathy is about putting yourself in someone elses shoes. That means imagining yourself in their situation. If you were in that situation would you want someone feeling sorry for you or would you want them to help and support you?

Can you give a sentence with empathetic?

I was empathetic for the girl who lost her leg. This means felling someone else's pain and feeling sorry for them.

What is the difference between guilt and anger?

guilt is when you are feeling sorry for someone because you did something bad to them and anger is when you are highly annoyed at a person!

The gift of mercy is?

the gift of mercy is to spare someone. Like if you were to take mercy in their life and let them go, sord of you feeling sorry for that person.

Do you get any feelings when someone is thinking about you?

No you can't really feel anything if someone is thinking about you, unless you know there thinking of you and you yourself have a feeling about them or about them thinking of you. So really I myself would say no, sorry