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its normal

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Q: Dreaming about being pregnant by your boyfriend?
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Is dreaming about being pregnant good?

Dreaming about being pregnant is neither good nor bad, it simply happens. In fact, dreams of being pregnant are quite common, particularly among adolescent girls. But anyone, including men, can dream of being pregnant when they are "developing" something that is important. The webpage linked below has examples and discussion of various types of pregnancy dreams.

How to tell a boyfriend about being pregnant?

Just tell him

What does dreaming of a girl being all over your Boyfriend mean?

it means that your unsure of your relationship with the guy, and that you really like your boyfriend. You get easily jealous if there would be a girl trying to steal your boyfriend.

Is it wrong that your boyfriend will leave you if you are pregnant with another mans child?

It depends on if she conceived the child before or after she paired up with the boyfriend and if the boyfriend was aware of the girl being pregnant at the time.

You were crying in your sleep you were dreaming that your boyfriend got a next girl pregnant but he wouldn't let you goeven though you ask him to let you move on but said no he wont?

What is your question?

What does dreaming of young rabbits mean and of an old boyfriend who is now married?

you were thinking of being close and peaceful with having a family fulfilment.

Can your boyfriend show signs of you being pregnant?"

What does it mean if you keep dreaming about a celeb as your boyfriend?


You are 17 years old almost 18 and pregnant can your boyfriend get in trouble for being 18?


In Tx can your boyfriend go to jail for being with me while im 17?

only if you get pregnant

Can a pregnant girl move in with her 16 year old boyfriend if she is 15?

Only if she has permission from her parents. Being pregnant does make them an adult.