What does dreaming of a girl being all over your Boyfriend mean?

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it means that your unsure of your relationship with the guy, and that you really like your boyfriend. You get easily jealous if there would be a girl trying to steal your boyfriend.

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Q: What does dreaming of a girl being all over your Boyfriend mean?
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What does it mean when you keep dreaming about being with another boy who isn't your boyfriend?

It means you want something else

What does dreaming about a girl being all over your boyfriend mean?

It can mean alot. Whereas, its a sign telling you that maybe someone is coming into the picture. Or maybe its you. And its just a fantasy dream. But talk it out with your boyfriend about your dream. Lay it out on the table so things can be clear and no confusing

What does it mean if you keep dreaming about a celeb as your boyfriend?


What does it mean when you dream of your boyfriend's best friend?

Dreaming of your boyfriend's best friend could mean nothing more than that you spend a significant time with this person, and that you associate him with your boyfriend. Dreaming of a person does not indicate any emotional connection or attraction, and it does not mean that person is thinking or dreaming about you.

Dreaming about a girl?

If a person is dreaming about a girl, it may be because they have feelings for them. If the dreams are bad, it mean the guy is mad at the girl.

What does it mean when all the dreams you have are about your boyfriend?

This only means that your boyfriend is on your mind and that you dream about him a lot, which is completely normal. It does not mean that your boyfriend is thinking or dreaming about you.

What does dreaming of young rabbits mean and of an old boyfriend who is now married?

you were thinking of being close and peaceful with having a family fulfilment.

What does it mean when you dream of your ex- boyfriend being with another girl kissing?

That you still miss your ex-boyfriend.

What does dreaming about being fat mean?

Thats mean you are fat.

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend is cheating on you with a certain girl everynight and he is dreaming that people are trying to get him with that same girl?

It means you have brought it up so many times that he is starting to believe maybe there is more in his dreams.

When you dream about a girl does it mean shes also dreaming of you?

if you go sleeping dreaming about a girl no is that she went sleeping thinking of you:) does it aswer ur questionn?

What does it mean when you dream about your long distance boyfriend?

It is entirely natural to dream about the people you love who are far away from you. But your dreams only express your own thoughts and feelings. They cannot tell you anything about your boyfriend's feelings, and dreaming about him does not mean that he is dreaming about you.

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