Does natsu love lisanna

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I would say yes because when they were kids lisanna and natsu always used to blush when they were together and lisanna asked if she could be his wife when they're older. but that's my opinion.

I think Natsu likes Lisanna as friend and stuff....But i know he likes Lucy a lot more.....a lot lot more......a lot lot lot more....yeah.....

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O yes, she loves him! But if Natsu love Lisanna i will DIE! I hate Lisanna! Stupit Edolas! Lisanna must live there! If she live there, Natsu will be in love with Lucy! LUCY LOVE NATSU AND NATSU LOVE LUCY!If Lissana die again i will be SUPPER HAPPY! if I was at Fairy Tail I will kill Lisanna with my knife!

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Oh 100%

Lisanna had loved Natsu since they were children and it was obvious. She was quite flirtatious towards him and you could see jealously whenever he goes all protective when it comes to Lucy. She then began to dress a lot like Lucy which shows that she is definitely jealous of Lucy and Natsu's relationship.

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Q: Does natsu love lisanna
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Whom does natsu like more- Lucy or lisanna?

Okay Natsu does like Lisanna becaus he obviously does'nt hate her but in my Opinion he likes Lucy more but he just does'nt realize it and Lucy is slowly realizing it herself but she maybe in denial. Even though Natsu and Lisanna grew up together Natsu only really thought of her as an important friend and more of a younger sister and even though lisanna clearly likes him .. Natsu also becomes more rage and angered when Lucy is hurt than when Lisanna gets hurt, He would destroy or beat the person that makes his friends cry but He isn't afraid to comfort Lucy like Giving her a hug when she cries or holding her hand and visiting her before the matches, he even waits for her to get home even though his process is called Breaking and Entering he seems to be more comfortable falling asleep in Lucy's house until she kicks him out. But he has never done any of it with Lisanna all he does he laugh and smile normally when he talks to her and I feel like he's closer to Lucy because they are partners and He seems to have a brighter mood when they go on missions together and Also when Lucy accidentally did the Invisibility potion and everyone forgot who she was, Natsu was the first person to say her name almost immdediately making everyone remember her. The author gave us another hint to during the Arena, when the girls dress in Wedding Dress he saw lisanna running to him and said She look good and Lisanna reminded him of when she dreamt of marrying him but Lucy suddenly Appears and Lands on Natsu taking his full attention and Lisanna just smiles watching the two of them argue and laugh. Hinting that Lucy will definitely take Natsu's attention but we can only hope

Who is Lisanna in Fairy Tail?

Lisanna is Elfman and Mirajane's little sister. They all have white hair and no, Natsu does not have a crush on her even though he blushed at her, in one of the episodes showing Lisanna and Natsu looking after a huge egg. It turned out to grow into a blue flying cat named Happy.

What episode of fairy tail that erza died?

Lisanna doesn't die. She was unconscious when she was sucked up into Edolas, there for everyone thought she was dead. In the anime and manga, Natsu doesn't like Lucy that way, but he like Lisanna that way. :) I'm a fan of Lisanna and Natsu, I think Lucy should go with Loki since loki likes her.

Who named Happy in the Fairy Tail anime?

Natsu named Happy with a little help from his friend, Lisanna. When Happy was born, happiness was filled in the guild.

What Fairy Tail episode when young lisanna appears with a red umbrella and talks to Natsu?

I think it's in episode 79 during the Edolas arc

Is there any good Lucy x natsu x lisanna fanfic?

if you are looking for fanfics, you can go to and search "fairy tail" there should be quite a few of them

Does Lucy fall in love with natsu?

No of course not! Its the other way around. Lucy will fall in love with Natsu.

Who is the first love of natsu?


Who is Lucy in love with from fairytail?

i think it's natsu

Does Erza like Natsu in Fairy Tail?

No Erza does not like Natsu as in 'love him' if that's what you mean. But Erza does like Natsu and the other guild members, in a way where she cares about them.

Does erza love natsu?

Mahima-sensei the creator of fairytail tends to ship natsu x lucy and jella x erza

Does Natsu like Erza?

no natsu respects her as a fellow guild member, if he likes anyone it would be lucy, though he did used to have a crush on moira and elfman's kid sister Lisanna before she died. hope this helped. :) p.s. Erza likes Gerard. or at least it appears to be in later episodes that she does. :) Erza likes Gerard but he feels he can't be with her because he is a criminal and has done her wrong. Natsu might be a rebounder and Natsu not only appreciates Erza's company but He also has shown some emotions for her in Edolas .So it's more than possible.