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Okay Natsu does like Lisanna becaus he obviously does'nt hate her but in my Opinion he likes Lucy more but he just does'nt realize it and Lucy is slowly realizing it herself but she maybe in denial.

Even though Natsu and Lisanna grew up together Natsu only really thought of her as an important friend and more of a younger sister and even though lisanna clearly likes him .. Natsu also becomes more rage and angered when Lucy is hurt than when Lisanna gets hurt, He would destroy or beat the person that makes his friends cry but He isn't afraid to comfort Lucy like Giving her a hug when she cries or holding her hand and visiting her before the matches, he even waits for her to get home even though his process is called Breaking and Entering he seems to be more comfortable falling asleep in Lucy's house until she kicks him out. But he has never done any of it with Lisanna all he does he laugh and smile normally when he talks to her and I feel like he's closer to Lucy because they are partners and He seems to have a brighter mood when they go on missions together and Also when Lucy accidentally did the Invisibility potion and everyone forgot who she was, Natsu was the first person to say her name almost immdediately making everyone remember her. The author gave us another hint to during the Arena, when the girls dress in Wedding Dress he saw lisanna running to him and said She look good and Lisanna reminded him of when she dreamt of marrying him but Lucy suddenly Appears and Lands on Natsu taking his full attention and Lisanna just smiles watching the two of them argue and laugh. Hinting that Lucy will definitely take Natsu's attention but we can only hope

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Q: Whom does natsu like more- Lucy or lisanna?
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Does natsu love lisanna?

I would say yes because when they were kids lisanna and natsu always used to blush when they were together and lisanna asked if she could be his wife when they're older. but that's my opinion. I think Natsu likes Lisanna as friend and stuff....But i know he likes Lucy a lot more.....a lot lot more......a lot lot lot more....yeah.....

What episode of fairy tail that erza died?

Lisanna doesn't die. She was unconscious when she was sucked up into Edolas, there for everyone thought she was dead. In the anime and manga, Natsu doesn't like Lucy that way, but he like Lisanna that way. :) I'm a fan of Lisanna and Natsu, I think Lucy should go with Loki since loki likes her.

Does grey and Lucy like each other?

i guess not but angel mention that gray is interested in Lucy.. Lucy deep inside likes natsu and natsu don't wanna be apart from Lucy..natsu always protect her

Gray and Lucy in fairy tail?

Well i don't know what you mean by that... Are you meaning that are they like physically in Fairy Tail? Because if that's your question, yes, they both are. Or do you mean like crush and love stuff? Well Fairy Tail is a shouen manga, so it doesn't have much romance beside Jellalx Erza and GajeelxLevi... There's not a good chance they might end up together, Hiro Mashima is probably heading towards the JuviaxGray thing, since many fans like this couple better. If Lucy and Gray got together who would be with Natsu? Well maybe Lisanna, but here are the couples probably everyone is fine with...: Natsu and Lucy Juvia and Gray Erza and Jellal Levi and Gajeel Elfman and Evergreen Happy and Charle Natsu and Lisanna doesn't have many fans, but Lucy and Gray is getting more popular! And you know Fairy Tail fans! They change their minds about everything! First I thought Lucy and Gray, but then I liked Natsu and Lucy, and now I'm back to Lucy and Gray! So I know it's a long answer but probably not...

Do Lucy like natsu?

i think ummm..maybe..go watch it..

Does Natsu like Lucy?

No one but the creators know. I think there's a good chance Natsu likes Lucy, and if that's true, then Lucy likes Natsu. But again, who knows for sure. (Creators...*.*)

Does Lucy like Natsu in fairy tail?

It wasn't actually specified in the manga nor in the anime that Natsu romatically likes Lucy. But I'm not sure if in the end their gonna end up together. As of now, Natsu thinks of Lucy as a bestfriend just like his relationship with Happy. From the Volume 16 limited edition: Sorcerer interview, he was asked who he had the best relationship in the guild. He answered Lucy and Happy. Lucy and Natsu defiently have what we would call "romantic moments" but no one know if they like each other, but there was an episode where, Natsu asked Lucy to meet him alone to dig up an old guild picture album, and although he didn't mean anything by it, he blushed when he asked her, and he didn't even ask happy along. hope this helped. :)

Fairy Tail Are Lucy and Natsu getting together?

Hmm..It's a tough question but for all I know of...not yet! Lucy and Natsu probably will get together if you keep on posting comments for Hiro Mashima to read. Even though Lucy and Natsu got some lovely stuff going on, such as.. In the S-class/Grimore Heart ark Natsu said " I know we haven't joined the team in a long time, but want to put aside the S-class and fight this guy?" Natsu likes to burst in to Lucy's house a lot, which upsets her. Natsu saved Lucy countless times such as when in the Deloria Ark when that poison jelly dropped out of the sky Natsu saved Lucy by pushing her out of the way. When Natsu was blushing when he aasked Lucy to meet him at the tree, even if it meaned nothing and Natsu wanted to ask Virgo to dig a hole. He was still blushing and Happy wasn't there. AND ETC...

Does natsu end up with lucy in fairy tail?

Natsu Does like Lisanna but he only likes her more of a sister because the feelings he has when he thought Lisanna died would just be the same sadness a person feels when they lose a family and Natsu wasn't the only person that grieved when Lisanna died everyone was sad and They were most definitely happy when she was actually alive the whole time. But i do think that he loves Lucy a lot more because of so many reason. Even though Natsu and Lucy weren't childhood friends, They spent a lot of time together as Partners and Natsu seems brighter when Lucy is around.He also gets really angry and pissed off if anyone hurts her in anyway and He does get mad too when all of his friends get hurt but If you put Lucy in the picture Its like he gets more over protective, He also can't stand the thought of Lucy leaving the guild as He supposedly Cried a lot when Lucy went back home and thought she left the guild for good and When Lucy was kidnapped by phantom Natsu went berserk and was ready to destroy Phantom's leader, He also appears to catch Lucy and save her wherever she is. (but he never actually got the hang of catching her properly) He was also the first person who instantly remembered Lucy's name unconsciously whenever everyone forgot about her. He seems to like sleeping in Lucy's house and waiting for her to get home even though Lucy calls it breaking and entering he still does it along with Erza and Gray because her house was just a lot comfortable. He also seems to always end up with Lucy during missions or arcs whenever the team is separated and During the Grand Games when he found out Lucy was kidnapped he wanted to save her more than participating in the finals in which he looked forward to but He didn't care and rushed to her rescue immediately. He also isn't scared to comfort lucy like giving her a hug or holding her hand when she''s crying or she's about to give up. Also a lot of his guild mates have noticed that Natsu is happier when Lucy is around and he hates going on missions without her no matter how dangerous it is because they are partners. in fact Most of the members of fairy tail are ready to die for Lucy, Gray, erza, Loki and even laxus got mad when she was badly hurt and took revenge for her. It's just that her relationship with natsu is a lot closer but complicated at the same time, We can all hope the two would be together.

Does Natsu like Erza?

no natsu respects her as a fellow guild member, if he likes anyone it would be lucy, though he did used to have a crush on moira and elfman's kid sister Lisanna before she died. hope this helped. :) p.s. Erza likes Gerard. or at least it appears to be in later episodes that she does. :) Erza likes Gerard but he feels he can't be with her because he is a criminal and has done her wrong. Natsu might be a rebounder and Natsu not only appreciates Erza's company but He also has shown some emotions for her in Edolas .So it's more than possible.

Does Lucy love Natsu in Fairy Tail?

It wasn't actually specified in the manga nor in the anime that Natsu romatically likes Lucy. But I'm not sure if in the end their gonna end up together. As of now, Natsu thinks of Lucy as a bestfriend just like his relationship with Happy. From the Volume 16 limited edition: Sorcerer interview, he was asked who he had the best relationship in the guild. He answered Lucy and Happy.

Who does gray love?

no one nows yet but it is possible its Lucy because he has a lot of moments with her and not erza and i think natsu like erza