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All you have to do is to visit the following site:

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Q: Do you have a picture of a fibroid?
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What is a fibroid?

A fibroid on the top of your uterus

What is a fundal fibroid?

A fibroid on the top of your uterus

How do you correctly spell 'systic fibroid'?

cystic fibroid

How big is a 9.4cm in length 5.4cm in width uterine fibroid?

If the fibroid is perfectly rectangular, then the area of one of its surfaces is 50.76 cm. That is large for a uterine fibroid.

Can fibroid erupt?


What does having fibroid tumors mean?

Having fibroid tumors means one will often involve heavy menstrual periods and prolonged bleeding. One should immediately see a doctor if they have fibroid tumor.

Can a tampon be mistaken for a calcified fibroid?

No, a tampon can't be mistaken for a calcified fibroid. A tampon would be in the vagina - it can't make its way to the uterus. It doesn't have the same texture/appearance on ultrasound as a calcified fibroid, either.

Do fibroid make you lose weight?


Is fibroid carcinoma cancerous?


How would you know the difference between abdominal pain and a fibroid pain?

It depends on the size of fibroid you have. Usually the cramping between abdominal and fibroid is the same only with fibroid the pain is continuous for a longer period: it could start as a bit of cramps to very painful then subsides. Fibroid cramping is on a zigzag pattern and almost does not go away for the better part of the day or night then regardless of taking pain killers. For some it goes on for a few days then goes away on its on.

What is uterine fibroid embolization?

Uterine fibroid embolization is non-surgical removal of the growths through the use of a tubular device called a catheter.

Can fibroid tumors cause a positive pregnancy test?

i would like to know the same thing. I had a scan recently and was told I had a fibroid BUT I also have a positive hpt? Would the fibroid cause the hpt to turn positive?