What is a fundal fibroid?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A fibroid on the top of your uterus

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Q: What is a fundal fibroid?
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What is fundal pressure?

What is fundal pressure?

What is placenta postero-fundal mean?


What is fundal hydrometra?

Fundal hydrometra is watery fluid at the top of the uterus.

What is a fibroid?

A fibroid on the top of your uterus

How do you correctly spell 'systic fibroid'?

cystic fibroid

What is antral and fundal gastritis?

Antral gastritis affects the lower part of the stomach (antrum) and is commonly associated with Helicobacter pylori infection, while fundal gastritis affects the upper part of the stomach (fundus) and can be caused by autoimmune conditions. Both types of gastritis can lead to symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, and indigestion. Treatment typically involves medications to reduce stomach acid and, in the case of H. pylori infection, antibiotics.

You are 27 weeks pregnant why does your fundal height measure 34cm?

Your fundal height is like the fundal height of 7 months old pregnant.You baby is large for a 27 week. Have your sugar test for gestational diabetes, control intake of sweets and calories.Go to your obstetrician.

How big is a 9.4cm in length 5.4cm in width uterine fibroid?

The size of a uterine fibroid is typically described in terms of its largest dimension. So a fibroid that is 9.4cm in length and 5.4cm in width would likely be referred to as a 9.4cm fibroid, as length is typically the predominant factor in determining size.

What does fundal mean?

Fundal push is the third power to use if to deliver a baby but be very cautious because this can bring stress to the baby and the baby will pass meconium because of this which is dangerous when aspirated inside.

Can fibroid erupt?


What is FH in pregnancy report?

Fundal Height. Basically the height of the bump.

Leopold's maneUver 1?

the first Leopold's maneuver is FUNDAL GRIP