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depends on the kind of guy he is. my POV is that you should be yourself and see if things work out if it doesn't then he's not your guy.

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Confidence in a girl is a very important trait in a girl. But guys personalities are so much different, it's almost impossible to answer that. But most guys should want a confident girl.

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Q: Do guys like girls with confidence?
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Girls like guys confidence?

Of course they do! Confidence is always key! Always remember that!!

Why do girls go for jerks and not nice guys?

Girls like confidence, and the guy might be a jerk but he's secure with himself. Its because girls like dicks.... Get it? :D

What girls stand out to guys in a good way?

Just like guys that stick out to women, A guy is attracted to self confidence.

How do you be a ladies' man?

Although looks has a part to play, confidence is the number one factor in being attractive. Girls like guys who are sure of themselves are are "leaders" not followers. Girls like funny, down to earth guys. Don't confuse confidence with cockiness.

Why do boys go after girls?

Nowadays girls will go after guys, but a lot of girls like confidence in a guy. So when a guy asks a girl out the girl thinks hes confident in himself. Knowing this the guys go for the girls :)

How can a guy have confidence around girls if he is 11?

well since your young you really don't have to do much. Just go home look in the mirror and be confident in yourself. Girls like guys who know they have confidence.

Do guys like opinionated girls?

It all depends on the guy your with. Most guys I have been with did not mind the fact that I always spoke my mind. They a lot of times like it when girls show their confidence! Guys love a girl who is confident and speaks her mind...most of the time!

Why do girls always fall for big muscular guys who fancies themselves and ignore cuddly big round guys who hate themselves because the girls does not go for them?

Self confidence man, self confidence. Women can usually tell when a guy doesn't like himself, and that is unattractive.

What kind of things do guys like about girls?

well, there are two types of guys. Guys who only cares about on the outside, their beauty, their body, their style, and their face. And there are some guys who likes girls for who they are, like their personality, their attitude, and their dreams. You should be yourself and don't worry about what guys think of you.

What guys look for in girls?

The main thing they are looking for is confidence in a girl. you can ask anyone

What do guys like that girls do?

When guys bite their lips & licks their lips, it gives girls a bit of a turn on.

Do girls like guys or just cars and money?

Some girls are awesome, and like guys for who they are, some girls like guys cause they're hot, and some jerky girls like guys for their money and their cars.