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Q: Do fibroids pass during heavy menstrual?
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When having a heavy menstrual period does it mean the fibroid is passing?

A fibroid is an abnormal finger-like growth of part of the uterine wall, and often develop after having children. The uterine wall is generally fairl smooth, but a fibroid makes the wall "lumpy" with finger-like protrusions. Fiboids have many small blood vessels and fiboids bleed easily, resulting in heavier periods. Fibroids do NOT detach or "pass" during menstruation. In fact, during the cycle, fiboids swell and can cause pelvic discomfort and heavy bleedling. The only way to get rid of fiboids is through medical treatment or surgery. Unfortunately, most doctors prefer hysterectomy as the preferred 'treatment', resulting in the uterus being removed. But, a newer and much less-used treatment is to shrink the fiboids using medication injected into the tissue. If you have heavy bleeding / or clotting, check with your physician. Make sure to be checked for anemia since fibroids do cause heavier blood loss and sometimes very long periods (example: for weeks at a time).

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