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Your husband's mistress does not have a contract with you. Rather, she is a citizen who was no doubt told by your husband that he was leaving you. If anyone had a suit, she might have one against him.

For that matter, you have one against him, also. A divorce is a civil suit.

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Q: Can you sue your husbands mistress in AZ?
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Can you sue your husbands mistress in the state of Colorado?

No, our state does not allow it.

Can you sue mistress in Virginia?


Can you prevent your husbands mistress from being around the kids?

Not really

Can you sue your husband when you found out he has a child in her mistress?

no you cant sorry

Can a mistress sue the husband in lying that the husband is already separated with his wife?

In the US, anyone can sue anyone for anything. The question is not whether you can sue, but whether you can win. Lying about marital status is not an actionable claim, and the mistress would not win.

Can you sue a mistress for continually suing your husband for child support and college support and now wants to include his wife's income for her son?

You can't sue her for doing right by hers and your husbands son if he doesn't pay child support. That is your husband's wrongdoing and not hers. I think it would be a total waste of money to sue her for trying to get to your income as well. But you could if you wanted to.

What would you do with hollow files of your husbands naked mistress if you found them on your personal computer?

post them on youtube

Can a wife sue husband's mistress in state of Virginia?

yea probaly u can sue anyone these days..... kidding but seriosly maybe u can

What would you do if you found out your husbands mistress has a child with the woman he had the affair with?

i would tell the husband its 'me or her' and let him choose!!

I had a tubal ligation without my husbands knowledge and now he's threating to sue my doctor can he do that?

No. He can not do that.

Can you sue your husbands girlfriend in Washington state?

You should contact an attorney to discuss your special circumstances.

Can a mistress sue her boyfriend for not leaving his wife as promised?

No she can't. A mistress is a mistress: there for pretty much sex and nothing more. Marriage however is not only an intimate relationship but a legal contract between the husband and wife. The mistress is just a random third party. It would NEVER hold up in court because the mistress is helping the man cheat.