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True menstruation is the culmination of a hormone cycle over the course of about a month. There are other causes of vaginal secretions and bleeding so if you are unsure what is going on the best course of action is to see your doctor.

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No i does not this is because periods only happen by an egg and the uterus line thickening and every womans cycle is different and can sometimes be irregular!

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Q: Can you menstruate due to excitement?
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Make period come faster?

You can't make your period come faster. When you menstruate is determined by your menstrual cycle, you cannot skip phases of your cycle or speed-up your cycle to make yourself menstruate before you're due to menstruate.

What if you get pregnant a few days before your period?

This makes no sense - you only menstruate if you don't fall pregnant. It's also unlikely you'd be fertile so close to when you were due to menstruate.

Can Islam menstruate?

yes, if you are a girl, you menstruate.

How do you make your menistral come?

You can't make menstruation come.When you menstruate is determined by your menstrual cycle, a domino affect of hormonal changes between your brain and reproductive organs. You cannot speed-up your cycle or skip phases of your cycles in order to make yourself menstruate sooner than you're due to menstruate.

Can a nine year old get her period sooner?

A nine year old may get her period, but I'm not sure what you mean by sooner - sooner than what? A woman will only start to menstruate when she is due to menstruate, the menstrual cycle cannot be sped up or puberty sped-up to menstruate for the first time before you're ready.

How much time a man can menstruate one day?

man dont menstruate

Does a guinea pig menstruate?

Thankfully, female guinea pig don't menstruate.

Why do some women fail to menstruate?

No women fail to menstruate. It comes naturally.

Is wanting to deep throating normal?

Actually its the lust of doing everything during intercourse.Its due the excitement.

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Can a newborn menstruate?


Do Geckos menstruate?

No they do not.