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No women fail to menstruate. It comes naturally.

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Q: Why do some women fail to menstruate?
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Where do women menstruate out of?

Their body

Do trans women menstruate?

No, transwomen do not have uteruses or ovaries. Transwomen cannot menstruate or bear children.

Do women menstruate during pregnancy?


What did wealthy women use during menstruation?

They had peasant women menstruate for them!

Do lesbians get mentruation?

Yes, some lesbians menstruate. Others don't just like some straight women don't; they may have a medical condition that stops them form menstruating, or they may be highly athletic and not menstruate for that reason.

When your on your period and hang out with girls does it get to them?

I'm not sure what you mean asking if it 'gets to them'. Most women menstruate, this is a normal occurrence so no reason for it to bother other women when you menstruate.

Why do some women not menstruate for months?

same as mine ... im also afraid but my doctor's said that it is conected to mY diet.. goodluck

Why do women need iron?

They suffer iron loss when they menstruate.

Does every female get her period?

No, not every female gets her period. If talking exclusively of those who are biologically female there are those who don't have the anatomy to menstruate or their bodies don't produce the hormones needed to have a menstrual cycle. Pre-pubescent girls don't menstruate and women past menopause don't menstruate, also women who are pregnant won't menstruate during pregnancy (sometimes for longer if they breastfeed), and women who have a hysterectomy to remove the uterus.

Why do women menstruate early in the us?

Some possibilities: 1. Though overweight and obesity is increasing throughout the developed world, rates in the US are particularly high and young women with higher body fat percentages menstruate earlier. 2. Synthetic hormones are used in meat production in the US.

Women menstruate for how many days?

Usually anywhere from three to five days.

How many times does a 50 year old women have a period?

It varies from person to person. Some 50 year old women do not have menses at all, and others continue to menstruate as they did when they were younger, whereas for some women who have started, but are not fully through, menopause it may be irregular with them "skipping" some months.