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yea im 11 and im bi i love girls i f*** my girlfriend all the time when were home alone from school :)

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Q: Can you know that you're bi at a young age?
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Can you be 11 and bi?

No that's absolutely disgusting. You havent even hit puberty yet and your still in primary school. You wouldn't even know so no you cant. Youre too young

How do you know if youre bi?

If you like both boys and girls you're bi-sexual. If you like one or the other and don't like the other of the two genders you're not bi-sexual.

How old do you have to be to be Bi?

Age doesn't matter but you have to understand what it means usually people that are young are bi-curious

How old do you got 2 be gay or bi?

Anywhere between child and adult..some people know from a young age and others dont figure it out until they are older

Can you develop bi-polar disorder at age 60?

You can develop bi-polar disorder at any age.

You watched a programme called skins the other night and it had two girls kissing it really turned you on and you dont know if im bisexual or gay?

if youre a guy, that's perfectly straight. if youre a girl, idk. ask yourself- are you attracted to only guys?are you not attracted to girls?if you said yes, youre straughtif you said no, youre gay are you attracted to guys?are you attracted to girls?if you like guys and girls, you are bi

How do you know that Lady Gaga is bi?

Lady Gaga has stated that she is bi in many interviews, so that's how we know that she is bi.

If you are Bisexual but don't have gf or bf your not bisexual?

youre still bi just rlly lonely

Can a sociopath convince others that they have powers e.g god or a lifeform?

I know young sociopaths (around the age 18 or 19) come after young girls around 15, or 16 because it's the legal age when they don't know what do in their lives, I had hung around a sociopath who brainwashed my friend and her girlfriend because they became bi sexuals, they even tried to get me involved with it, some sociopaths use charm and lust on their victims.

What do you do if youre best friend is bi-sexual?

Stay their friend and support them through all they do and make sure you are always their when they need you

I think my best friend might be gay or bi but he denies it.. We've had interourse and made out and everything...But he has a girlfriend. He also asked our female friend how do you know if your bi..?

The best thing to do is to leave him alone! let him figure it out by himself. your pushing him back into the closet, not helping him out. When he's ready to come out, you might not be the first person to know, dont question him, just let him know youre his best friend

What age does bi mart hire at?