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Lady Gaga has stated that she is bi in many interviews, so that's how we know that she is bi.

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Q: How do you know that Lady Gaga is bi?
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Is ladt gaga bi?

Yes, Lady Gaga has admitted to being bi sexual.

Is Lady Gaga gay?


Is Lady Gaga striaght?

she is bi. pokerface is the proof for that.

Does lady gaga help kids about being bi?


Does Lady Gaga only likes girls?

no she is bi sexual

Is Lady Gaga Dating?

ya she's dating a 29 year old entrepeneur named " Speedy" i thought lady gaga was bi???

Do Lady Gaga like boys and girls?

Yes, Lady Gaga is bi-sexual, which means that she is intrested in both the male and female gender.

If Lady Gaga is bi and admitted it then where can you see this?

between here thighs.

Do people know when Lady Gaga will die?

nobody knows when lady gaga will die neither does lady gaga

Is Lady Gaga from pussycatdolls?

No, Lady Gaga is not from pussycatdolls. yup i know

Where do Lady Gaga parents work?

I'm not sure we know. Lady Gaga doesnt know her father..

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Hulk Hogan?

Lady gaga Most ppl don't know who hulk hogan is