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no but u can in ur privates

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Q: Can you feel your pulse in your lower abdomen?
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What does it mean to feel something like a pulsating little kick in your lower abdomen?

That is normal; you are feeling the pulse in your aorta. Don't worry.

What if your feel pressure in your lower abdomen?


What does it mean if you have a lump in your lower abdomen?

it feel like aknot

How can you tell if your getting your period?

you start to feel your lower abdomen ache and crampy.. and you start bleeding!

Can you feel a heartbeat in you adominal bottom if you're pregnant?

Sometimes you are aware of your own pulse deep in your abdomen when you are pregnant as the blood flow to the uterus increases.

Why do i feel as though there are Butterflies in my lower abdomen?

Maybe your Happy or EXcited for something AAnd you Feel the Butterflis down there cause i do too.

What part of the stomach is more vulnerable when getting hit-the upper abdomen or lower abdomen?

lower abdomen

What does diverticulosis feel like?

An individual with diverticulitis will experience pain (especially in the lower left side of the abdomen) and fever.

How girl feel holding pee?

They feel pressure in the bladder, like they have to go. when a girl has to pee really bad she starts to feel pressure in the lower abdomen.

What is the duration of Feel My Pulse?

The duration of Feel My Pulse is 1.43 hours.

Do you feel babies heartbeat in womb?

No you can't. If you can feel a pulse over your pregnant abdomen it is the large vessels in your uterus supplying the placenta.

Is ileum lower or upper abdomen?

The ileum is located in the lower abdomen, specifically in the lower part of the small intestine.