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you start to feel your lower abdomen ache and crampy.. and you start bleeding!

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โˆ™ 2011-10-28 20:09:21
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Q: How can you tell if your getting your period?
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How can you tell if a female is not fertile?

You can tell when they are not grumpy When they are grumpy that mean the are getting their period

How do I tell that I am close to getting your period?

You will start to feel cramps and naseau

How can you tell if you are about to start your period?

Ways to tell if your period is coming.Your breasts will start to feel soreA slime-like liquid will form in your vagina and as it gets slimier you can tell you are getting closer to your period. This is mucus from the vaginal lining.Strange mood swings.Painful stomach cramps ( usually comes within 1 hour of getting period)

How do you tell your parent you got your period?

Tell them you got your period for the first time. Simple as that (y) It happens to every girl and is as normal as getting sick or whatever

How can you tell your about to start your period because i have had discharge and cramps and i have also been getting hungry easily help?

You can tell if you have discharge and cramps. Your period will start two to six months after you have discharge.

How do you know if your pregnant after only one week?

No pregnancy test will tell you that early. Some will tell you 5 days before you are supposed to get your period, but most won't tell you until the time when you are supposed to be getting your period. There are no "symptoms" this early.

You got all the symptoms before period coming but at that day onwords no symptoms and result is negative?

tell me all symptoms before getting your period?

Im getting period pains but havint come on yet what does this mean?

Hate to tell you honey but this means your period will be coming your just begginning to PMS.

How do you know of you are getting your first period.?

One of the most obvious ways to tell if you are going to get your period soon is after you have been having discharge for 6-12 months

How do you handle your first period?

plz tell me somthing about my first period

How can you tell when you are about to have your period?

you can tell you are going 2 have your period from cramping and mood swings!

How do you know when your getting on your period and getting off?

Well usually the doctor will tell you when your going to start it. but when you do, it usually last a month for it to start again so keep track of when you started

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