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Almost burnt my lip, but yes. Cola gave me the power but I still had to try a couple times

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Q: Can you blow out a candle by burping?
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What is the hardest candle to blow out?

The trick candle will relight itself.

Why does the candle flames go out when you blow it?

As when you blow a candle the force of the air pressure take it away and the oxygen around us make a way for it to blow.

How do you put out a lit candle without covering it?

You can blow it out.

Whose catchphrase was I'll blow the candle out?

Jack in the beanstalks

What happens when you blow a candle?

You get third-degree burns in your mouth.

Why must you never blow your Bunsen out like you would blow out a candle?

Because the gas will still be coming out.

Why does candle blow off when covered?

No oxegen to keep fire going

How do you prevent sinkholes in candles?

Don't blow the candle out until the wax pool covers the entire area of the candle. This usually takes about 1 hour for every inch in diameter the candle is.

When do you blow out the baptismal candle?

The baptismal candle is typically blown out after the baptism ceremony has concluded and the candle has been used to symbolize the light of Christ being passed to the newly baptized individual.

When we blow any burning candle its puts out why?

because of the chemicals inthe air

Why does the candle blow out when you cover it with something?

the flame uses oxygen and if you cover it, the candle will burn all the oxygen and will go out because it ran out of fuel

Is it possible to blow up by not farting or burping?

yes,it is possible to blow up if you don't fart or burp,because gas will build up in your stomach and it would be so much gas you would explode