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yes, actually, it might. considering there are many nerve endings in thenose, and for the fact that your nose has many sensory receptors... have you ever been slapped in the nose before? well, if that hurts, then getting HIT is going to cause some type of head trauma

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It doesn't seem likely. The nose is not a bony processes, so a sideways blow that hits only cartilage is unlikley to move the skull hard enough to acctually concuss. If the bony parts of the skull were hit, of course, the odds on concussion go up.

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When the jaw in impacted from a hit from any side or underneath there is a transfer of energy through the temporomandibular joint to the base of the skull.

Not only is there impact energy transferred to the brain but also rotational forces create acceleration of the brain within the skull to create concussion.

In boxing the jaw is called the button and is the easiest area to impact to end the fight, in helmeted sports with a chin strap the mandible is positioned closer to the base of the skull and impacts to the face guard and chin cup will create concussive forces.

The best way to mitigate jaw joint impact is with oral appliance intended to hold the mandible in a downward and forward position to create horizontal and vertical space between the mandibular condyle and the glenoid fossa.

Its use is intended to prevent transfer of energy from the mandible to the temporomandibular joint and base of the skull following a blow to the lower jaw.

A lateral impact to the nose can create rotational forces that causes brain acceleration that can create concussive symptoms however more damage will be done to the nose.

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People with low blood platelets, or a bleeding disorder, are more likely to have nosebleeds (epistaxis).

High blood pressure.

You have had trauma or injury to the head, face or nose areas, from an accident or from falling down.

You may have been struck by a blunt object.

You may cause damage to the membranes in your nose from blowing your nose, picking your nose, or blowing your nose forcefully. This is especially common if the lining of your nose is irritated from a virus or bacterial infection (or the common cold). If you have had prior problems with nosebleeds, you may be at risk for them to recur.

Breakdown of the membranes, or irritation of the membranes, may be a result of dry or non-humidified air. People will encounter nosebleeds more often in the winter months, when the air is drier.

People who have frequent nosebleeds, or begin bleeding easily, may have problems with how their blood clots, or a tendency bleeding easily as well. If you notice that you are bruising or bleeding easily, notify your health care provider so that you can be evaluated for potential bleeding problems.

What Are Some Symptoms Of Nosebleeds To Look For?

You may have nosebleeds frequently or begin bleeding easily. This may be a sign of a blood clotting disorder or low blood platelets.

You may have tiny red dots on your skin, called petechiae (pe- TEEK- ee- ay). These are commonly found on your lower legs. This is a sign of low blood platelets.

You may be overly tired, or very weak (fatigued), if you have anemia due to your bleeding problems, or another underlying disorder. It may be hard for you to do any of your normal activities.

For many individuals, frequent, unexplained bruising or nosebleeds are the first sign of a bleeding disorder. Some people feel relatively well, with no other symptoms of bleeding problems.

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Q: Can a hit to the jaw cause a concussion?
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Can a chest injury cause a concussion?

Only if the chest injury causes you to hit your head.

Can getting hit on the back of the head during a car accident cause a sinus infection?

no, just a concussion.

Would falling down the stairs cause a concussion with nausea the next day?

It depends, wether you hit the head or not.... But if you hit the head then the possibillity is there.

Can there be an after shock after being hit in the head?

Yes, this is called a concussion. When you get hit in the head your brain can sometimes hit the inside of your skull which causes a concussion or after shock.

Can you get a concussion from a poke in the eye?

Yes I'f that finger pushes the eye really far it can hit the quetral which if its Barely touched it can get hit with the eye and cause a concussion and when people get concussions from getting hit in the head that's because there's also a quetral in the brain and it's the same thing

If you get hit with a football in the face and your nose bleeds can you get a concussion?

Yes, if the hit to the head is hard enough. I personally threw a pass that hit a friend hard enough to give him a concussion. We had to take him to the campus clinic. They diagnosed him with a concussion.

Can you get a concussion form hitting your face?

yes. That's how my cousin got hers. she never hit her head. but she was sliding into 3rd base for softball and got whiplash. and that shook her brain and cause a concussion.

What kind of permanent damage can a concussion cause?

If concussions aren't treated properly (such as going to the hospital). The person with the concussion can develop what's called second impact syndrome. It's called this because if they get hit on the head again, it can cause follow-up brain bruising. Which can cause permanent damage to the brain.

what is mean by concussion in health?

A concussion is a bump large or small on someones head when they fall, get hit by an object very hard or when they get into an altercations and someone hit them with their fist.

What does a top head punch cause?

A concussion.

How do you get post concussion syndrom?

You Hit Your Head.Really Hard.

Concussion in a sentence?

I hit my head on a rock and got a concussion. I could barely remember what i'd done yesterday. TUNECHI LIL WAYNE NO WORRIES