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Only if the chest injury causes you to hit your head.

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Q: Can a chest injury cause a concussion?
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A sentence for concussion?

Mild head injury is called concussion

Do a head injury cause diabetes?

no diabetes has to do with the blood and insulin in your body and the break down of food. a head injury cant cause diabetes its impossible. maybe a concussion though

What is a general sports injury?

A concussion

A bruiselike injury of the brain is called?

A concussion.

What is the slight and transient brain injury?


What was Ashley Daniels injury?

Mild concussion

Slight and transient brain injury?


When you get a bruise from a car accident you cant go to sleep?

This statement is not true. A bruise is a contusion, which is a fancy word for an injury that causes capillaries to leak blood which causes a bruise. You might be thinking of the word concussion, which is a severe head injury, but without a broken skull. After a head injury or concussion, you should stay awake or have someone check on you every hour and wake you up. The reason is a concussion can cause someone to become unconscious or even die from the brain injury.

How do you use concussion in a sentence?

A concussion is an injury to the brain when it hits the skull after a hard hitHumpty Dumpty got a concussion when he fell off the wall. :)I'm afraid he might have a concussion.

Which is the mildest consequence of traumatic brain injury?

a concussion

Mildest consequence of traumatic brain injury?

a concussion

What head injury causes light sensitivity?

a concussion