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A concussion is a bump large or small on someones head when they fall, get hit by an object very hard or when they get into an altercations and someone hit them with their fist.

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Q: What is mean by concussion in health?
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You get pregnant if your boyfriend was in a car crash and has a mild concussion?

Do you mean , "can you get pregant if your boyfriend has mild concussion?" If that is what you mean then yes, of course, concussion makes no difference whatsoever to his ability to reproduce.

What is a synonym of concussion?

Collision, shaking, shock, and bump are words. Those mean concussion.

What does it mean when you cough up blood during a concussion?

It means you need to go to the hospital. You have more than a concussion!

What is a double concussion?

A double concussion is a concussion that immediately follows the first concussion, or occurs before the injured party is asymptomatic.

How many pounds of pressure cause a concussion?

Concussions can occur with as little as 78-117 pounds of force applied to the head. The severity of the concussion depends on various factors including the direction and location of the impact, the individual's age and health, and the force of the impact.

If you have a concussion can you take Valium?

Can you take Diazepam with concussion.

How do you use concussion in a sentence?

A concussion is an injury to the brain when it hits the skull after a hard hitHumpty Dumpty got a concussion when he fell off the wall. :)I'm afraid he might have a concussion.

When was Concussion - album - created?

Concussion - album - was created in 2001.

A sentence for concussion?

Mild head injury is called concussion

Can you play video games when you have a concussion?

Yes, you can still play video games with a concussion. In fact, when I got a concussion, that is all I did.

Was Sidney Crosby's concussion serious?

No it was not a serious concussion. It was a mild concussion but it's taking Crosby time to feel better

What does it mean if you have been really dizzy for over a week and a half?

It could mean that you have a concussion, but i think you should go and see a doctor.