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Yes he because if he truly like her than he can.

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2011-04-15 01:46:42
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Q: Can a confident outgoing guy act shy around a shy quiet girl he likes?
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Can an outgoing confident guy who knows you like him be quiet and not joke around but act kinda serious only around you both online and in person?

no. he's probably a serial killer. love Dr Phil xoxo

Will an outgoing guy be shy and quiet around a girl because he knows she likes him but he doesn't like her back?

Most likely if he is normally outgoing but only shy aroun you he either likes you but dosent want you to know or he knows you like him but he dosent wanna hurt your feeling and say he dosent like you back

What does it mean if a very outgoing guy goes quiet around you and just listens to what you say?

If a very outgoing guy goes quiet near you and listens to what you say he'll most likely have a crush on you.

Does joe Jonas like outgoing girls or quiet girls?


What does it mean if an outgoing guy is quiet around a girl whom he knows she likes him?

He probably just wants to be friends - doesn't want to encourage the girl further and doesn't want to have the awkward converversion

What does that mean if your guy friend can talk freely and is very outgoing towards everyone but is awkward and quiet around you but still goes to you and stares at you and waits for you to talk?

Sometimes it means that he likes you, or is interested in what you have to say. ^_^

Is Justin Bieber quiet?

I don't think so, Justin has a very bright and cheerful personality. He likes to have fun like any other kid and is a confident person. He is a very fun person to be around and likes to be silly and muck around at times too! <3

What does it mean if an outgoing talkative guy is quiet around a girl he's kind of friends with but responds whenever she says something and gets excited when he sees her?

I believe this means the guy likes the girl. Since guys to tend to act differently around the one they love. For example, like in your case the guy is outgoing. But when he is around the girl, he is quiet but yet is very interested in the girl. If there are any other signs like the guy sometimes checks her out or tries to meet her eye. Then it may be possible the guy likes the girl.

What does it mean if an outgoing guy is quiet around a girl and just talks after she says something?

He may like her.

Was Albert Einstein quiet or outgoing?

Albert Einstein was quiet during his childhood.

Why would an outgoing guy be quiet around a girl he's friends with?

Because mean are complicated, they see you and they think about you, they can't stop. Him being quiet around you could be a sign that he likes you... i think that you should talk to him see if he shows any flirty signs. he;s nervous around you, if he only acts this way around you this could be a sign of him liking you!! x

Why is my crush quiet around you?

If a crush is quiet around you, it could mean that he or she also likes you, but doesn't know how to say it. It could also mean that they are simply shy.

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