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If a very outgoing guy goes quiet near you and listens to what you say he'll most likely have a crush on you.

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Q: What does it mean if a very outgoing guy goes quiet around you and just listens to what you say?
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What does that mean if your guy friend can talk freely and is very outgoing towards everyone but is awkward and quiet around you but still goes to you and stares at you and waits for you to talk?

Sometimes it means that he likes you, or is interested in what you have to say. ^_^

What does it mean if your outgoing guy friend goes quiet around you and looks you in the eyes as you talk and gives short answers and when the conversation dies down he just leaves?

he cheating on you for another girl/or boy

This talkative girl really goes quiet when she is around me why?

There could be many reasons why someone who is usually talkative becomes quiet around a specific person. It could be due to feeling nervous, intimidated, or simply not knowing what to say. It's important to create a comfortable and open environment to encourage them to be more talkative around you.

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if a guy does that then that means he is both. he is outgoing and he wants to go out with you but is too shy too talk so you should ask him out instead if you are comfortable with that.

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