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He may like her.

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Q: What does it mean if an outgoing guy is quiet around a girl and just talks after she says something?
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Why would an outgoing guy who knows a girl like him be quiet around her that he only talks when she says something but greet her enthusiastically when he sees her?

Maybe because he may like her or just is an enthusiastic person OR maybe because he really likes her oor somthin

What does it mean if an outgoing friendly guy pays extra attention when a girl talks and be quiet and shy and let's her talk forever and answers when he has to?


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What does it mean if an outgoing guy only talks after a girl he knows talks and is quiet at other times and gets so happy when he sees her once in a while?

I'd say it means he likes her so much she makes him nervous, and he doesn't want to screw things up.

Why does the outgoing guy you like look kinda weird and smile when he talks to you?

he probably likes you!

Who is the Quiet One in mindless behavior?

Prodigy, he barely ever talks. but we still love him.

What does it mean when a guy talks quiet to you and in a normal to others?

he has a tiny penis

What is loquaciousness?

Someone who talks a lot and doesn't know how to be quiet .

What does it mean if a guy is outgoing and never talks to you first but responds when you talk to him first?

That he is polite but probably not interested in you.

A person who talks too much?

be kind to them and quiet them down by making excuses

What does it mean if your outgoing guy friend hugs you more passionately than he hugs others and only talks after you say something but can talk about anything nonstop to others?

well normally it mean that he has strong feeling towards you

Does the guy you like like you if he talks about you to his friends even girls and always gets you attention by something like being loud but becomes quiet and stares at you when you notice him?

Very much likely.