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Scrape it all up, throw it into a bong, and prepare for a really harsh hit.

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Q: Best way to smoke resin from marijuana?
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How can you smoke your marijuana residue?

yes you can i think the best way is to scrape it onto a little bit of weed to keep the resin from going back down the pipe again

What is the best way to clean your system of marijuana for cheap?

dont smoke then :-)

When drinking a lot of water until your urine is clear are you clean of marijuana?

Not necessarily. The best way to be clean of marijuana is to not smoke it.

Can you smoke marijuana out of a aluminum can?

Yes you can. It isn't the best way to go about it bit it is possible.

Are marijuana leaves bad too smoke?

No way! Best thing to smoke better than cigerettes Its earthly not manmade

What is the best way to glue resin?

With that same resin's liquid resin.

What are the different ways to smoke Marijuana?

The most common way to smoke Marijuana is through Pipes. WikiAnswers will not provide information on ways to smoke Marijuana.

Can you smoke too much resin?

no way at all the most you can smoke is as much as you think you can as long as the mind thinks you will know

The best way to smoke Marijuana leaves?

K first off you don't smoke LEAVES of marijuana it wont get you high, you smoke the bud of the plant and the best way is from a vaporizer but there's different ways of smoking joint 10-20% THC pipe 25% tch bong 30-40% THC Hot knifing 93% THC vaporizing 95% THC

Does marijuana hurt your body in any way?

There is some damage to the lungs caused by marijuana smoke inhalation. (However, note that marijuana does not necessarily have to be smoked, it can also be brewed as tea.) Interestingly, marijuana smoke has not been found to be carcinogenic, unlike cigarette smoke. However, marijuana smoke is still an irritant to the lungs and can contribute to the eventual development of emphysema.

How can you tell if marijuana has been laced?

If its in solid form(resin)the best way to check its quality is by firstly smelling,tasting.if you are burning it and are left with alot of black parts in the ash instead of soft grey/white ash,the chances are your hash is rubbish(soapbar being the classic crap smoke)..daz

What is the best way to feed marijuana?

Well in planting just pour a little milk so the plant can get nutrients from the mold.. Get cow poop. Hay. And best of all just smoke with them.