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yes you can i think the best way is to scrape it onto a little bit of weed to keep the resin from going back down the pipe again

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Q: How can you smoke your marijuana residue?
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Can you smoke marijuana out of a pipe?

people smoke marijuana out of apples, what do you think ... i hear its harsh though. tin foil with holes in it is supposed help i guess(be creative)..... and dont get caught with residue on that pipe boy

Can you get THC in your system from marijuana residue?

Yes, You can get THC in your system from marijuana residue. However, marijuana residue, or as most incorrectly call it, resin, contains very LITTLE THC and a LOT of useless and harmful material

When does a person decide to smoke marijuana?

A person decides to smoke marijuana when they are offered it, have an opportunity to buy and smoke it, or when they have an urge to smoke marijuana.

Can you smoke male marijuana plants?

No, it is against the law to smoke Marijuana.

Does mike epps smoke marijuana?

no mike epps does not smoke marijuana in fact he doesnt smoke anything

Did Gandhi ever smoke marijuana?

Yes, he was known to smoke marijuana occasionally.

What are the different ways to smoke Marijuana?

The most common way to smoke Marijuana is through Pipes. WikiAnswers will not provide information on ways to smoke Marijuana.

Does Eminem smoke?

== == Eminem used to do smoke in the past, like marijuana, but he doesn't smoke anymore. Not marijuana or cigarettes.

What does smoking mean?

to smoke tack is to smoke cannabis resin i.e marijuana plant substitute

Can your daughter get second hand marijuana smoke from your body after you smoke?

no!! 2nd hand smoke is the smoke you exhale or residual smoke from you cigarette/joint and is only bad when inhaled. smoking anything will leave residue on your clothes that may smell but this is not smoke it is just a smell and can cause no damage to anyone else. it might smell strong and make it obvious you have been getting stoned but that it all it can do

Can you smoke marijuana while having poison sumac?

The question is not can you smoke marijuana while having poison sumac, but WHY are you asking if you can smoke marijuana while having poison sumac? That is the question.

How long does marijuana residue last in a pipe?

until you clean the pipe