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Yes, depending on how comfortable the mistress is with hearing about the wife (some are, some aren't), the man will talk about her.

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Q: A man talks about his wife to his mistress?
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What does it mean if a married man never talks about his wife to his mistress?

I never heard a married man talk about his wife to his mitress. I think the reason why he end up having an affair is for him not to think, talk, or even look at his wife. The only way that married man will talk about his wife to his mistress is when he want her to feel sorry for him or maybe to make sure that his mistress will think that his wife is not a good wife and then some.

What does mistress do?

ANSWER: A mistress is a woman who has relationship with a married man. She is what the married man's wife is not She is a woman who does not have kids so the married man will get all the attention. She is a woman who's always available for her married man because his wife is very busy taking care of everything at his home. A mistress is a woman that gets only a few hours from the married man. She is a woman who can only have a weekend if possible. A mistress is the person that can not spend any holiday with her married man, unless the married man divorce his wife and he marry the mistress. A mistress is the person that can give the needs of the married man because his wife can't or won't. Over all a mistress is a woman that the married man's wife is not.

Why do married man not want their mistress to see other man?

first of all cant you just say wife anyway the reason is because they dont want the wife (mistress) falling in love with another man

What does it mean if a man cheated on his wife with mistress then cheats with you?

A man who has cheated on his wife with a mistress and then does it again with you, is a man who is motivated by lust, and who will never be sexually faithful to anyone. If he should ever tell you that he intends to leave his wife and marry you instead, don't believe him.

Why does a man tell mistress he has no freedom?

He wants to stay married to his wife and is using the mistress for extramarital sex purposes.

Is the affair over after mistress tells spouse?

ANSWER: Are you joking, did you think because you had told his wife what he was doing, that will be the end of it. Mistress hardly go and see the wife, of the man she was having the affair, her intent is if the wife learn about her husband, it will automatically going to kick him out of their house. And this is mistress dream. When a woman becomes the mistress it will be for her benefit as well as the married man, why? the only way a mistress can let go her married lover is when she have a soul.

When a man cheats on his wife and pursue divorce what happens to the mistress?

Legally, nothing. If the man is granted the divorce and keeps the mistress, then she has won the honor of being with a man that can't be trusted.

What are some promises of a man to their mistress?

he wants to be with you and he gives himself to you, about i will leave my wife to be with you.

What is the difference between concubine and mistress?

A concubine is a woman who lives with a man, but is lower in status than his wife or wives. A mistress is a woman having an affair with a married man.

How do you handle a wife harassing the mistress?

Its rather enjoying to see a wife harrass a woman who is cheating with her husband. Most of the time its the other way around. I guess the mistress is crying to you about it am I right,she's getting what she deserves and your wife should kick your butt to the curb so you can move in with the mistress. You and your mistress deserve each other, maybe your wife will find a man who really cares about her. ANSWER: Or we could turn it around, the mistress is the one harassing the wife..

What would make a married man think of his ex mistress?

The only thing I can think of for a married man to think of his ex mistress is if he fell in love with her and he don't love his wife anymore, got spoiled on everything from her. And maybe his ex mistress is good in bed, not like his wife just doing the same old thing.

Do married men jealous over their mistress?

Yes, some men get jealous over their mistress, but this does not always mean the married man loves the mistress, but some men feel she is their property and in only a very few cases is it truly love. Remember, this married man has a wife and he would be jealous if his wife had another man on the string. Mistresses often lose when a wife is involved and if the cheating man really cared about the affair she would not be his mistress; he would get a divorce and either live with her or marry her.