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The First Edition cards are more expensive because there are fewer of them. They only make one First Edition release and after that it's all unlimited. Fewer copies of something makes it more rare and hence, more valuable.


First Edition are somewhat more expensive because you get a little extra writing on the cards. Even from the original country Japan, they don't use 1st Edition cards because theirs no such thing. Either that or the cards I got were just Unlimited Edition Japanese cards anyway.

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Limited Edition means that there was only a certain amount of that particular card made. First edition means that the card is from the first printing, making it more valuable that a second edition (which is basically the later mass production of that specific card). Limited edition cards that are also first edition are the most valuable, then comes regular limited edition, followed by first edition.

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The 1st edition has a small 1st edition stamp under the left corner of the charachter picture.

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Q: Why are First Edition yu-gi-oh cards more expensive than Unlimited Edition cards?
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What is the difference between first edition card and a normal card in yugioh?

quality'1st edition' is printed on the first 'batch' of that particular product to be printed. Some people value them a little more highly than Unlimited prints of those same cards, but otherwise it doesn't really 'mean' anything.

How can you tell if your Pokemon card is first addition?

The only way to know if a card is First Edition or Unlimited is by looking to the left of the Pokemon information right below the picture (See image below). If it has the label "1 Edition", then it is a First Edition card. If there is nothing there, then it is Unlimited.

How do you know if a Yu-Gi-Oh card is first or unlimited edition?

The card would have 1st edition on the bottom left of the card image (above the type of the monster e.g. zombie). If the card doesn't say 1st edition it is unlimited edition.

Do limited edition yugioh cards cost or sell for more than first edition cards?

It's impossible to say without knowing the card names. 'Limited Edition' cards can include expensive SJCS tournament prizecards, all the way down to worthless EP1 'Sphinx' cards. Likewise, 1st edition cards can include top tier cards, all the way down to useless trade binder padding.

Why is the first edition catcher of the rye so expensive?

First editions of any book (years later) are always quite expensive, simply because they were "first edition". It's "cachet", nothing more, but some people really get off on it.

How do you tell the Difference between 1 st edition and unlimited Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

1st edition cards will simply state '1st Edition' at the bottom left, just below the picture. Unlimited edition cards will not have anything there. Mostly only cards from regular booster pack sets, or Duelist packs are differentiated into 1st edition and unlimited. Promotional cards and reprint sets (such as Dark Revelation) never have 1st edition versions, even if that card was in the first print run.

How do you tell if a card is first edition or Unlimited?

If a card is 1st edition, it will say so, it will have '1st edition' written on it. The concept of 1st edition only applies for cards in booster sets, including Duelist Packs though - promo cards never have '1st edition' even if they were the first printing of that card.

What does first edition mean on a Yu Gi Oh card?

The first batch of cards they print have 1st Edition written on them. Any later ones will not have it, these are referred to as 'unlimited'. Some people prefer 1st edition, but it doesn't really affect the value.

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Why are the 151 original Pokemon cards so expensive?

The 151 original Pokemon cards are so expensive as they were the first edition and many are hard to find.

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What edition is the winged dragon of ra gbi-003?

Promo cards don't have a 1st edition/unlimited edition - but if your GBI Ra has silver text, then it is the first and rarer printing of the card. If it has gold text like an Ultra Rare, that is the second, commoner printing.