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If a card is 1st edition, it will say so, it will have '1st edition' written on it. The concept of 1st edition only applies for cards in booster sets, including Duelist Packs though - promo cards never have '1st edition' even if they were the first printing of that card.

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Q: How do you tell if a card is first edition or Unlimited?
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How can you tell if your Pokemon card is first addition?

The only way to know if a card is First Edition or Unlimited is by looking to the left of the Pokemon information right below the picture (See image below). If it has the label "1 Edition", then it is a First Edition card. If there is nothing there, then it is Unlimited.

How do you tell the Difference between 1 st edition and unlimited Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

1st edition cards will simply state '1st Edition' at the bottom left, just below the picture. Unlimited edition cards will not have anything there. Mostly only cards from regular booster pack sets, or Duelist packs are differentiated into 1st edition and unlimited. Promotional cards and reprint sets (such as Dark Revelation) never have 1st edition versions, even if that card was in the first print run.

How do you tell yu-gi-oh first edition?

It'll say on the card, just beneath the picture, if it is 1st edition.

How can you tell if its a 2nd edition Pokemon card?

There will be an edition 2 symbol

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You can usually tell if your book is a first edition copy. The pages would be more thick and a yellowish color.

How do you tell if a yu gi oh card is first edition rare super ultra and secret rare?

1st edition is gold bottom right hand corner and says 1st edition above the description on the left. a card is rare when the name is silver. a card it super when only the image is holo. a card is ultra when both the name and image and holo. secret when there are diagonly shiny lines across the image and name

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There are several ways to tell if a book is vintage or first edition. The best way is to look at the string of numbers on the copyright page. If the sequence of numbers contains a 1, it is likely a first edition.

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If you buy the Special Edition Version of the "Flyleaf" album, there will be a card inside that will tell you the number.

How do you tell if a yu-gi-oh card is fake?

you can tell if a yu gi oh card is fake if it is 1st edition and silver sticker in the bottem right hand corner but if it is gold sticker and first edition it is real and if you turn it other side and feel it if it is rough its fake if it is smooth it is real and if the words are a bit to fat it is most likely fake. ;)

How can you tell if your first edition of easy rider magazine is a reprint or not?


Does the Ohio State belt buckle Tony Lama first edition say first edition on it and if not how can you tell the difference between the first ed and regular edition?

I have a complete set of Tony Lama state seal first edition and all have first edition on them. By the way, someone wrote that they estimated a complete set of state seal buckles going for $2500. I paid $4000. for mine and i wouldn't part with them for that!