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The Acro bike.

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2010-02-01 14:27:50
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Q: What bike do you need to get past the Jagged Pass on Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get to the magmas hideout in Pokemon emerald version?

First go to mt pyre get the magma emblem then go up jagged pass on the acro bike. the floor will start to vibrate and the cve will appear

How do you get out of jagged pass in Pokemon emerald?

Keep going down, otherwise if you have the acro bike you can also bunny hop back up. If you have a Pokémon that knows fly, well then fly away.

Where is team magmas opening in Pokemon?

In Pokemon Emerald, Team Magma's hideout is on the jagged pass, between Lavaridge town and Mt. Chimney. You can only get to it from Mt. Chimney, unless your have the acro bike. You must also have the Magma Embelem to access it, which is found at Mt. Pyre

How do you go up the jagged pass as in how do you make the acro bike go up it?

get the acro bike and use it to hop up the pass

Where do you find a bike in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokemon emerald the bike is found in mauville city right of the Pokemon center talk to the guy with the red hair.

Where do you get a mac bike on pokemon emerald?

Go to the bike store in Mauvile city

What bike do you use to get across white bars in Pokemon emerald?

The Mach Bike.

How do you climb the sand burrows in Pokemon emerald?

get a bike

How do you pass in mirage tower in Pokemon emerald?

Use Rock Smash to clear rocks, and a Mach Bike to make it over cracked floors.

Pokemon emerald how to get a bike?

you get it from the bike shop in Mauville city aka elec. gym.

How do you get the bike in Pokemon emerald?

You Can Aquire Either The Acro Bike Or Mach Bike In Mauville City At Rydel's Bike Shop.

Where do you get a bike on Pokemon emerald?

You Can Aquire Either An Acro Bike Or A Mach Bike In Mauville City At Rydel's Bike Shop.

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