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You Can Aquire Either An Acro Bike Or A Mach Bike In Mauville City At Rydel's Bike Shop.

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Q: Where do you get a bike on Pokemon emerald?
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What bike do you need to get past the Jagged Pass on Pokemon Emerald?

The Acro bike.

What bike do you use to get across white bars in Pokemon emerald?

The Mach Bike.

Where do you get a mac bike on pokemon emerald?

Go to the bike store in Mauvile city

How do you climb the sand burrows in Pokemon emerald?

get a bike

How do you get the bike in Pokemon emerald?

You Can Aquire Either The Acro Bike Or Mach Bike In Mauville City At Rydel's Bike Shop.

How do you get your bicycle Pokemon Emerald?

There is a bike shop in Mauville, east of the Pokemon Centre. Talk to Rydel (the owner) and chosse your bike!

How do you get mach bike code in Pokemon emerald?

In mauville city

Where is the bike on Pokemon Emerald for Game Boy?

There are actually two different bikes in Pokemon Emerald, the Acro and the Mach bike. You can obtain either one of them (but not both at once) in Mauville City.

How do you get a gilgar in Pokemon Pearl?

you have too be under the bridge on the bike route with Pokemon emerald in your ds.

How do you get a bike in Pokemon emerald?

go to the bike shop in mauville and talk to the guy who gave you the acro bike and you can switch bike or just talk to him if you never had a bike.

Where can you get the match bike on Pokemon emerald?

It is very simple, you get it in Mauville City where you get the acro bike and the bike shop. You switch between the two.

Sliding soil in Pokemon Emerald?

You can ride up it using the Mach bike.