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Question: How to evolve Seadra in Light Platinum?

Normally you need a Seadra (Holding a Dragon Scale) to trade.

After the trade Seadra will evolve.

In the Game Pokemon Light Platinum i recommend to catch a Carvanha,

(Manfarny Lake) and trade it with the Sailor in Seanport City.

After you trade your Carvanha, Seadra will evolve to Kingdra.

Ps: My Carvanha was lvl 34 and he traded a Seadra lvl 34 too.

You have to train your Kingdra 10 levels. (I recommend in the Darkdusk Woods.)

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Como evolucióno a seadra o lo consigo kingdra?

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Q: How do evolve seadra Pokemon light platinum?
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