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I'll go ahead and list how to find all elemental heroes, if you just want shining flare wingman, just go toward the end of my answer. You can find some elemental heroes in the Basic 4-B pack (there's no actual requirement, just progress through the game to unlock) and one elemental hero (elemental hero bubbleman actually) in the Basic 4-C pack (has the same unlock requirements as 4-B). To find the fusions (flame wingman and thunder giant only) unlock the master fusions pack. You have to unlock the fusions pack first (unlock by going to your room and scrolling to the right until you see tutorials, select it and go to the first set of tutorials it should already be highlighted when you selected tutorials, look for the tutorial about fusion monsters, read through it and the pack should be unlocked). Once you unlocked the fusions pack get a 90% collection rate to unlock the master fusions pack. The fusions for the elemental heroes (excluding shining flare wingman) should be in the pack just keep searching. You can also get most of the elemental heroes (excluding shining flare wingman) by unlocking THE HERO pack. You have to clear the New Hero Summoning event to unlock it. To play the New Hero Summoning Event, beat Jaden 5 times and Syrus 10 times. Then during the weekdays, it should trigger an event where you have to duel Jaden in his room. Not sure if you have to beat him or not, but it's probably better to win. After you clear the event, THE HERO pack should be unlocked and then you can get most of the elemental hero cards and their support cards. The only way to get shining flare wingman (the rarest and final card of the game) is to unlock Dorothy's Gift pack. In order to permanently unlock it, you have to have a 90% collection rate on all the cards. I'm not listing out how to unlock all packs because it will take too long and because you can still access the pack through an event. During the week where the dorm switch exam will take place, there is a 2 out of 5 chance that you will see Dorothy having problems carrying cards. Help her, I repeat HELP her! If you do, then on the following Tuesday, she will give 1 pack of Dorothy's Gift. However this does not permanently unlock it. The reason why you should get this pack is because the cards you get from this pack are usually cards you don't have including cards like shining flare wingman. The thing is that the chances of getting shining flare wingman are still small. In order to increase your chances, go ahead and collect the cards from the other packs that way since you have a lot of different kinds of cards Dorothy's Gift will have to reduce the size of different cards it can offer you to give you cards you don't have. Just be patient and try your best to unlock Dorothy's Gift, sooner or later you'll get shining flare wingman.

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Q: Yugioh gx duel academy how to get all elemental hero shining faler wingman?
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