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Yugioh gx is about an academy with people learning how to duel and

yugioh 5ds is just mongo's riding crap mc's

original was the best.


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Q: What is the difference between Yugioh gx and Yugioh 5d?
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How old is yugi moto?

in YUGIOH = 15-17, in YUGIOH GX = 25-27, in YUGIOH 5d's 28-30

Is yami yugi and little yugi in the new yugioh series called 5d's?

Yugioh the original , took place in normal time. Yugioh GX took place 10 years in the future. Yugioh 5D's, takes place 500 years in the future after Yugioh GX.

Where can you download yugioh 5Ds episodes?

Best place to watch any episodes of Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Yugioh 5D's, and Yugioh Zexal is at the website

How come Yu-Gi-Oh gx season 5 didn't come out?

There is no season 5 sadly. The next series after Yugioh GX is Yugioh 5D's.

Which yugioh is better?

To be honest we all have our own views. There is now four yugiohs altogether: yugioh, yugioh gx, yugioh 5d's and yugioh zexal. I think yugioh 5d's is better than all of them but I only think this because I haven't watched zexal and I did enjoy the other two. :) but you decide... hope this helped :)

What happened to the old yu-gi-oh characters?

time has passed since the first yugioh series. for example:yugioh GX was made 10 yrs after the first one and yugioh 5d's...well i dunno how long it was after GX

Y did they take off Yugioh gx they didnt even get to the end jaden sould have faced yugi but no they had to put this 5d?

They probably did that to make some time for 5d's they should have finished it,

Is there going to be a season 4 of Yugioh zexal?

the yugioh gx series will probably have no new seasons because of the new anime yugioh 5d's which is on 11:30 -12 on a channel on satuday morning

What is the difference between the origonal Yu-Gi-Oh card game and the Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds card game?

Assuming you don't mean the Japanese original game, then the answer is technically nothing. As the anime changes, the packs have been updated to say GX and 5D's, to show those characters and base the cards around them. But the game itself is the same. A card printed in the first set is exactly the same as cards printed in the latest set. Although you can now summon tuner monsters in 5D's. Something you could not prieviously execute

Who has a zombie deck in Yu-Gi-Oh series?

Bonez in the original Yugioh has one, and in GX there is a vampire woman who uses one as well. In 5D's and Zexal I am not sure.

Why did Yu-Gi-Oh gx end so early in America?

you mean what ever happened to season 4? well, 4kids tv decided not to air that season because it was too dark. it is not the same for season 2 of yugioh 5d's because it started out a little dark. yugioh gx started out as happy and stuff.

Who has glasses in Yugioh?

In yugioh gx syrus truesdale has glasses